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The outer leaves of the cabbage should be removed, then cut it into quarters and cut out the salt; wash it well in salt and water, and leave in the water for half-an-hour.  Then put it into a colander and shake all the water from it.  Place on the fire a large saucepan of water, and when it boils, put in two teaspoonsful of salt and a quarter of a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda.  Put in the cabbage and cover down till it boils up; then remove the lid and boil very quickly, pressing it down into the water from time to time.  It will be done in from fifteen to twenty minutes; try it with a fork, and if soft turn into a colander, and very carefully press all the water from it.  Slip into a vegetable dish and cut into neat pieces.


Shell the peas and wash them well; just cover them with cold water, season it with a little salt, sugar, and mint.  Bring quickly to the boil and cook for about twenty minutes.  When soft, but not broken, strain off the water and put them into a vegetable dish.


Slice up the beans and wash in cold water, put them into plenty of boiling water, seasoned with salt and a quarter of a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda; boil quickly without the lid for about ten minutes or a quarter of an hour.  When soft, strain off and shake the water out thoroughly; put into a hot dish, and serve plainly or with melted butter.


Soak the cauliflowers in plenty of salt and water, with the flower downwards, then cook, in plenty of boiling water seasoned with salt, putting the flower to the bottom of the saucepan.  Keep uncovered all the time of cooking; take up with a slice and strain in a colander.  Turn carefully into a vegetable dish, and serve with or without sauce.


* 1 Marrow—­3d. * * 1/2 pint White Sauce * * Salt—­2d. * * Total Cost—­5d. * * Time—­15 Minutes * Peel the marrow, take out the seeds, and cut it into small pieces; put into boiling water nicely seasoned with salt, and boil gently for about fifteen minutes.  Take up with a slice and strain in a colander, place in a hot dish, and pour over the sauce.


* 3 Beetroots—­2d. * * 1/2 pint White Sauce—­2d. * * Total Cost—­4d. * * Time—­Two Hours * Wash the beetroots, but do not cut them; put them in cold water, and boil till they feel soft if pressed—­the time depends upon the size; then take them up, peel and slice them.  Make the sauce by directions given elsewhere.  Put in the beetroot and simmer for about half an hour; dish the beets and pour the sauce over.  It should be of a bright red colour.


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