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* 2 lb.  Cold Meat—­3d. * * 1 oz.  Butter—­1d. * * 1 1/2 oz.  Flour * * 1 Egg * * Bread Crumbs * * 1/2 pint Stock * * Quarter of an Onion * * Parsley * * Pepper and Salt * * Hot Fat—­2d. * * Total Cost—­6d. * * Time—­5 Minutes. * Mince up the meat and mix in some chopped parsley, pepper and salt; put the butter into a stewpan, and when it is dissolved mince up the pieces of onion very finely and fry that for two minutes, then stir in the flour.  Pour in the gravy and stir until it boils; mix in the meat and let it get thoroughly hot.  Turn it out on to a plate, spread it over, and leave until quite cold.  Make up into balls, cover with egg and bread crumbs, and fry in hot fat; arrange in a circle and garnish with fried parsley.


* 6 Kidneys—­6d. * * 1 teaspoonful Minced Herbs—­1/2d. * * Hot Fat * * 1 teaspoonful Onion * * Frying Batter * * Pepper and Salt—­1d. * * Total Cost—­71/2 d. * * Time—­5 Minutes * Skin the kidneys and cut up each one into three or four slices.  Make a frying batter by directions given elsewhere; stir in the minced onions and herbs, and season with pepper and salt.  Dip the slices of kidney into this and plunge into very hot fat.  Fry a good colour, pile high on a dish, garnish with fried parsley, and serve very hot.  Slices of cold beef or mutton are very nice done in this way.


* 2 Kidneys—­1 1/2d. * * 1/2 oz.  Butter—­1/2d. * * 1 Slice Toast * * Parsley * * Pepper and Salt—­1/2d. * * Total Cost—­21/2 d. * * Time—­5 Minutes. * Skin and chop the kidneys small, put into a saucepan with the butter, and cook for two or three minutes; season with pepper and salt.  Spread it on the toast, sprinkle over some chopped parsley, and serve.


* 1 lb.  Cold Roast Beef—­3d. * * 4 oz.  Bread Crumbs * * Pepper and Salt—­1d. * * 1 teaspoonful Onion * * 1 Egg * * 1 teaspoonful Parsley or Horse-radish—­1 1/2d. * * Total Cost—­51/2 d * * Time—­Half and Hour * Mince the beef and onion very finely, and mix it with the bread crumbs, pepper, and salt.  Add either some chopped parsley or finely scraped horse-radish; mix thoroughly.  Moisten with an egg well beaten, and if very dry a spoonful of gravy or milk.  Butter some small cups or moulds, fill them with this mixture, and bake for about half an hour.  Garnish with sprigs of parsley, and serve with them some horse-radish sauce or brown gravy.


* 1 lb.  Cold Roast Beef—­3d. * * 8 tomatoes—­3d. * * 1 fagot of Herbs * * Salt and Pepper—­1/2d. * * 1 gill Gravy * * 1 oz.  Butter * * 1/2 teaspoonful Sugar * * Toast—­1 1/2d. * * Total Cost—­8d. * * Time—­Half an Hour * Slice up the tomatoes and put them into a saucepan with the butter, herbs, pepper, salt, sugar, and gravy.  Stir about until it becomes quite a pulp; then rub through a sieve, season to taste, and let it get quite cold.  Cut the beef into thin slices and lay it in a saucepan, pour over the cold sauce and let it get hot through, very slowly.  Arrange on a hot dish, and garnish with fried sippets of bread or toast.

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