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* 1 Lobster, Crayfish, or Tin of Lobster—­1s. * * 2 quarts Fish Stock * * 1/2 pint of Milk—­1d. * * 1 oz.  Cornflour—­1/2d. * * Lemon Juice, Salt, and Pepper—­1/2d. * * Total Cost—­1s. 2d. * * Time—­One Hour * The fish stock for this soup should be well flavoured with vegetables.  If a crayfish be used, remove all the white meat and boil the shells in the stock for half an hour and strain them out; thicken with the cornflour, pour in the milk, and boil up.  Cut the lobster into small pieces and put into the soup; simmer for ten minutes.  Flavour with lemon juice and salt, pour into a warm tureen, and serve with fried bread.  Wash the shells well in cold water before putting them into the soup.


* 3 pints Fish Stock * * 1 pint Milk—­2 1/2d. * * Cornflour—­1/2d. * * Vegetables—­1d. * * Fish—­6d. * * Total Cost—­10d. * * Time—­Half an Hour * Remove all the fat from the fish stock and put it into a saucepan with six white peppercorns, an onion, one slice of turnip, a fagot of herbs, and some carrot.  Boil this together for twenty minutes, then strain out the vegetables and pour back into the saucepan.  Mix a tablespoonful of cornflour smoothly with the milk and stir it in; continue stirring till it boils.  Skin and fillet the fish and cut it into dice, put these pieces of fish into the soup, and simmer for ten minutes.  Just before serving add a few drops of lemon juice, and salt to taste.  Pour into a tureen and sprinkle a little chopped parsley on top.


* 1 Cabbage—­3d. * * 2 oz.  Butter—­1 1/2d. * * 1 pint Milk * * Pepper, Salt, and Bread—­3d. * * Total Cost—­7 1/2 d. * * Time—­One Hour * Wash and strain the cabbage well, and cut it up into slices; throw it into boiling salt and water, and cook for five minutes; strain all the water off and put it into a saucepan with the salt, pepper, and two quarts of boiling water, and boil for one hour.  Add the milk and let it boil up again, toast the slice of bread and cut it up into dice.  Put it into a warm soup tureen and pour the boiling soup over it.


* 1/2 doz.  Tomatoes—­2d. * * 1 Carrot * * 2 Small Onions * * 12 Peppercorns * * 1 fagot Herbs * * 1/2 teaspoon Salt * * 2 quarts Stock—­1 1/2d. * * 1 oz.  Butter—­1d. * * 1 oz.  Cornflour and 1/2 oz.  Tapioca—­1d. * * 1 cup of Green Peas—­2d. * * Curry Powder * * 1/2 teaspoonful of Sugar—­1/2d. * * Total Cost—­8d. * * Time—­One Hour. * Put the butter into a saucepan, slice up the onions and carrot and fry them in it with the herbs, peppercorns, and a good pinch of curry powder.  Mix the cornflour with a little stock and pour it over.  Slice up the tomatoes and add them to the boiling stock; stir until it boils, and then simmer slowly for an hour.  Rub through a sieve and return to the saucepan.  Add the salt, sugar, and the tapioca; stir until this becomes transparent and thickens the soup.  Put in a cupful of cold boiled peas; boil up and serve.

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