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A little after, the captain came (as was agreed) to one of the windows, and stood there in the rain, with his arm in a sling, and looking stern and pale, and so old that my heart smote me for having fired upon him.

Alan at once held a pistol in his face.

“Put that thing up!” said the captain.  “Have I not passed my word, sir? or do ye seek to affront me?”

“Captain,” says Alan, “I doubt your word is a breakable.  Last night ye haggled and argle-bargled like an apple-wife; and then passed me your word, and gave me your hand to back it; and ye ken very well what was the upshot.  Be damned to your word!” says he.

“Well, well, sir,” said the captain, “ye’ll get little good by swearing.” (And truly that was a fault of which the captain was quite free.) “But we have other things to speak,” he continued, bitterly.  “Ye’ve made a sore hash of my brig; I haven’t hands enough left to work her; and my first officer (whom I could ill spare) has got your sword throughout his vitals, and passed without speech.  There is nothing left me, sir, but to put back into the port of Glasgow after hands; and there (by your leave) ye will find them that are better able to talk to you.”

“Ay?” said Alan; “and faith, I’ll have a talk with them mysel’!  Unless there’s naebody speaks English in that town, I have a bonny tale for them.  Fifteen tarry sailors upon the one side, and a man and a halfling boy upon the other!  O, man, it’s peetiful!”

Hoseason flushed red.

“No,” continued Alan, “that’ll no do.  Ye’ll just have to set me ashore as we agreed.”

“Ay,” said Hoseason, “but my first officer is dead—­ye ken best how.  There’s none of the rest of us acquaint with this coast, sir; and it’s one very dangerous to ships.”

“I give ye your choice,” says Alan.  “Set me on dry ground in Appin, or Ardgour, or in Morven, or Arisaig, or Morar; or, in brief, where ye please, within thirty miles of my own country; except in a country of the Campbells.  That’s a broad target.  If ye miss that, ye must be as feckless at the sailoring as I have found ye at the fighting.  Why, my poor country people in their bit cobles* pass from island to island in all weathers, ay, and by night too, for the matter of that.”

     Coble:  a small boat used in fishing.

“A coble’s not a ship, sir,” said the captain.  “It has nae draught of water.”

“Well, then, to Glasgow if ye list!” says Alan.  “We’ll have the laugh of ye at the least.”

“My mind runs little upon laughing,” said the captain.  “But all this will cost money, sir.”

“Well, sir” says Alan, “I am nae weathercock.  Thirty guineas, if ye land me on the sea-side; and sixty, if ye put me in the Linnhe Loch.”

“But see, sir, where we lie, we are but a few hours’ sail from Ardnamurchan,” said Hoseason.  “Give me sixty, and I’ll set ye there.”

“And I’m to wear my brogues and run jeopardy of the red-coats to please you?” cries Alan.  “No, sir; if ye want sixty guineas earn them, and set me in my own country.”

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