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The kind of publicity we need is the advocacy by the National Committee, and by Democrats in Congress of first class measures, known to be Democratic measures, part of a program.

I’ll tell you how to get all the publicity you want when I see you—­or White—­a new kind, cheap, but requiring brains. ...

F. K L.

To Lathrop Brown

Los Angeles, January, [1921]

Dear Lathrop,—­(1) You are right as to standardization.  The Devil devised it as a highway to socialism.  It is the Bible of the great Tribe of Flatfoot, not for artists like you and myself.  And speaking of programs, please read what Wells says in his first volume of Outline of History, on David, Solomon, Moses.  It will delight your anti-semitic soul. ...

Yes, standardization is like all else, good—­for a distance.  The whole bally outfit of life is a matter of balance, maintained by war among the unintelligent bacilli and other primitives, and by will among men (goat feed for men, eh?) But do you get my point?  Something to it!

(2) George White will be eaten up first thing he knows, unless he moves.  Your friend McAdoo is here declining the next nomination daily, speaking much, and, I understand, well. ...  Why doesn’t G. W. get Frank Cobb and Hooker, of the Springfield Republican, and Van-Lear Black, and Senator Walsh, and Phelan, and Congressman Walton Moore together, or any other group, and put up his plan and ask them what they think of it tentatively,—­just a quiet chat, but start.

He doesn’t need to resign, if he can get someone as a quiet organizer “who will give all his time” to take up that job under him, with sub-organizers.  Who is this genius who can organize inorganic matter, and give it life?  Thought He was dead sometime!

“Wanted—­A Miracle Man who can overcome a majority of seven million votes with a hearty handshake and a warm brown eye.  Need have no program, no money.  Must be a hypnotist who can make the people forget a few things and believe a few things that are not true.  Must be able by reciting poetry to make the cunning capitalist see that he is safer in the hands of the Democrats than elsewhere, and at the same time educate the worker by a pass of the hand to know that it is decent to stay bought.  Must have received the Gift of Tongues on the Day of Pentecost, so as to talk Yiddish, in New York; Portuguese and Gaelic, in Massachusetts; Russian and German, in Chicago; Scandinavian, in the Northwest; Cotton and Calhoun, in the South; John Brown and wheat, in Kansas; gold and Murphy, on 14th Street; and translate Jesus Christ into Bolshevism, Individualism, Capitalism, Lodgeism, Wilsonism!  Must be as honest as old Cleveland and as clear of purpose as Abraham Lincoln.”

Put this want ad. in the papers and send me, by freight car, the replies.  With my warmest,

F. K. L.

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