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Diary of Samuel Pepys, Jun/Jul 1660 [sp07g10.txt]

A good handsome wench I kissed, the first that I have seen
Among all the beauties there, my wife was thought the greatest
An offer of L500 for a Baronet’s dignity
Court attendance infinite tedious
Did not like that Clergy should meddle with matters of state
Dined upon six of my pigeons, which my wife has resolved to kill
Five pieces of gold for to do him a small piece of service
God help him, he wants bread. 
Had no more manners than to invite me and to let me pay
How the Presbyterians would be angry if they durst
I pray God to make me able to pay for it. 
I went to the cook’s and got a good joint of meat
King’s Proclamation against drinking, swearing, and debauchery
L100 worth of plate for my Lord to give Secretary Nicholas
Most of my time in looking upon Mrs. Butler
My new silk suit, the first that ever I wore in my life
Offer me L500 if I would desist from the Clerk of the Acts place
Sceptic in all things of religion
She had six children by the King
Strange how civil and tractable he was to me
The ceremonies did not please me, they do so overdo them
This afternoon I showed my Lord my accounts, which he passed
To see the bride put to bed
We cannot tell what to do for want of her (the maid)
Where I find the worst very good
Which I did give him some hope of, though I never intend it
Woman that they have a fancy to, to make her husband a cuckold

Diary of Samuel Pepys, Aug/Sep 1660 [sp08g10.txt]

Boy up to-night for his sister to teach him to put me to bed
Diana did not come according to our agreement
Drink at a bottle beer house in the Strand
Finding my wife’s clothes lie carelessly laid up
Formerly say that the King was a bastard and his mother a whore
Hand i’ the cap
Hired her to procure this poor soul for him
I fear is not so good as she should be
I was angry with her, which I was troubled for
I was exceeding free in dallying with her, and she not unfree
Ill all this day by reason of the last night’s debauch
King do tire all his people that are about him with early rising
Kissed them myself very often with a great deal of mirth
My luck to meet with a sort of drolling workmen on all occasions
Show many the strangest emotions to shift off his drink
Upon the leads gazing upon Diana

Diary of Samuel Pepys, Oct/Nov/Dec 1660 [sp09g10.txt]

Asleep, while the wench sat mending my breeches by my bedside
Barkley swearing that he and others had lain with her often
But I think I am not bound to discover myself
But we were friends again as we are always
Cure of the King’s evil, which he do deny altogether
Duke of York and Mrs. Palmer did talk to one another

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