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Diary of Samuel Pepys, preface and life [sp02g10.txt]

Confusion of years in the case of the months of January (etc.)
Else he is a blockhead, and not fitt for that imployment
Fixed that the year should commence in January instead of March
He knew nothing about the navy
He made the great speech of his life, and spoke for three hours
I never designed to be a witness against any man
In perpetual trouble and vexation that need it least
Inoffensive vanity of a man who loved to see himself in the glass
Learned the multiplication table for the first time in 1661
Montaigne is conscious that we are looking over his shoulder
Nothing in it approaching that single page in St. Simon
The present Irish pronunciation of English

Diary of Samuel Pepys, Jan 1659/60 [sp03g10.txt]

A very fine dinner
Gave him his morning draft
Much troubled with thoughts how to get money
My wife was making of her tarts and larding of her pullets
My wife was very unwilling to let me go forth
Put to a great loss how I should get money to make up my cash
This day I began to put on buckles to my shoes

Diary of Samuel Pepys, Feb 1659/60 [sp04g10.txt]

Dined with my wife on pease porridge and nothing else
Do press for new oaths to be put upon men
Hanging jack to roast birds on
Kiss my Parliament, instead of “Kiss my [rump]”
Mottoes inscribed on rings was of Roman origin
My wife and I had some high words
Petition against hackney coaches
Playing the fool with the lass of the house
Posies for Rings, Handkerchers and Gloves
Some merry talk with a plain bold maid of the house
To the Swan and drank our morning draft
Wedding for which the posy ring was required
Went to bed with my head not well by my too much drinking to-day

Diary of Samuel Pepys, Mar/Apr 1659/60 [sp05g10.txt]

Cavaliers have now the upper hand clear of the Presbyterians
Resolve to have the doing of it himself, or else to hinder it
Strange thing how I am already courted by the people

Diary of Samuel Pepys, may 1660 [sp06g10.txt]

An exceeding pretty lass, and right for the sport
And in all this not so much as one
Bought for the love of the binding three books
Drinking of the King’s health upon their knees in the streets
Fashionable and black spots
He and I lay in one press bed, there being two more
He is, I perceive, wholly sceptical, as well as I
He that must do the business, or at least that can hinder it
He was fain to lie in the priest’s hole a good while
If it should come in print my name maybe at it
In comes Mr. North very sea-sick from shore
John Pickering on board, like an ass, with his feathers
Made to drink, that they might know him not to be a Roundhead
My Lord, who took physic to-day and was in his chamber
Presbyterians against the House of Lords
Protestants as to the Church of Rome are wholly fanatiques

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