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to settle them very clear and plain, though by borrowing of monies this month to pay D. Gawden, and chopping and changing with my Tangier money, they were become somewhat intricate, and, blessed be God; upon the evening my accounts, I do appear L6800 creditor:  This done, I to supper about 12 at night, and so to bed.  The weather for three or four days being come to be exceeding cold again as any time this year.  I did within these six days see smoke still remaining of the late fire in the City; and it is strange to think how, to this very day, I cannot sleep at night without great terrors of fire, and this very night I could not sleep till almost two in the morning through thoughts of fire.  Thus this month is ended with great content of mind to me, thriving in my estate, and the affairs in my offices going pretty well as to myself.  This afternoon Mr. Gawden was with me and tells me more than I knew before—­that he hath orders to get all the victuals he can to Plymouth, and the Western ports, and other outports, and some to Scotland, so that we do intend to keep but a flying fleete this year; which, it may be, may preserve us a year longer, but the end of it must be ruin.  Sir J. Minnes this night tells me, that he hears for certain, that ballads are made of us in Holland for begging of a peace; which I expected, but am vexed at.  So ends this month, with nothing of weight upon my mind, but for my father and mother, who are both very ill, and have been so for some weeks:  whom God help! but I do fear my poor father will hardly be ever thoroughly well again.

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     Being taken with a Psalmbook or Testament
     Consider that this is all the pleasure I live for in the world
     Dinner, an ill and little mean one, with foul cloth and dishes
     If the word Inquisition be but mentioned
     King’s service is undone, and those that trust him perish
     Mean, methinks, and is as if they had married like dog and bitch
     Musique in the morning to call up our new-married people
     Must yet pay to the Poll Bill for this pension (unreceived)
     New medall, where, in little, there is Mrs. Steward’s face
     Not thinking them safe men to receive such a gratuity
     Only because she sees it is the fashion (She likes it)
     Prince’s being trepanned, which was in doing just as we passed
     Proud that she shall come to trill
     Receive the applications of people, and hath presents
     Seems she hath had long melancholy upon her
     Sermon upon Original Sin, neither understood by himself
     Sick of it and of him for it
     The world do not grow old at all
     Then home, and merry with my wife
     Though he knows, if he be not a fool, that I love him not
     To my joy, I met not with any that have sped better than myself
     Used to make coal fires, and wash my foul clothes

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