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in such manner as pleased the King and Council.  Speaking concerning the difficulty of pleasing of seamen and giving them assurance to their satisfaction that they should be paid their arrears of wages, my Lord Ashly did move that an assignment for money on the Act might be put into the hands of the East India Company, or City of London, which he thought the seamen would believe.  But this my Lord Anglesey did very handsomely oppose, and I think did carry it that it will not be:  and it is indeed a mean thing that the King should so far own his own want of credit as to borrow theirs in this manner.  My Lord Anglesey told him that this was the way indeed to teach the Parliament to trust the King no more for the time to come, but to have a kingdom’s Treasurer distinct from the King’s.  Home at noon to dinner, where I expected to have had our new girle, my wife’s woman, but she is not yet come.  I abroad after dinner to White Hall, and there among other things do hear that there will be musique to-morrow night before the King.  So to Westminster, where to the Swan . . . . and drank and away to the Hall, and thence to Mrs. Martin’s, to bespeak some linen, and there je did avoir all with her, and drank, and away, having first promised my goddaughter a new coat-her first coat.  So by coach home, and there find our pretty girl Willet come, brought by Mr. Batelier, and she is very pretty, and so grave as I never saw a little thing in my life.  Indeed I think her a little too good for my family, and so well carriaged as I hardly ever saw.  I wish my wife may use her well.  Now I begin to be full of thought for my journey the next week, if I can get leave, to Brampton.  Tonight come and sat with me Mr. Turner and his wife and tell me of a design of sending their son Franke to the East Indy Company’s service if they can get him entertainment, which they are promised by Sir Andr.  Rickard, which I do very well like of.  So the company broke up and to bed.

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     Act of Council passed, to put out all Papists in office
     And a deal of do of which I am weary
     But do it with mighty vanity and talking
     Feared she hath from some [one] or other of a present
     Fell a-crying for joy, being all maudlin and kissing one another
     Found to be with child, do never stir out of their beds
     Had his hand cut off, and was hanged presently! 
     Hates to have any body mention what he had done the day before
     House of Lords is the last appeal that a man can make
     I find her painted, which makes me loathe her (cosmetics)
     King do resolve to declare the Duke of Monmouth legitimate
     Lady Castlemayne is compounding with the King for a pension
     My intention to learn to trill
     Never, while he lives, truckle under any body or any faction
     Pressing in it as if none of us had like care with him
     Singing with many voices is not singing
     Their condition was a little below my present state
     Weary of it; but it will please the citizens
     Weigh him after he had done playing

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