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with what they say.  Acknowledge the receipt of his letter to Diego Mendez.  I do not write him as he will learn everything from you, and also because my illness prevents it.
“It would be well for Carbajal and Jeronimo—­[Jeronimo de Aguero, a landowner in Espanola and a friend of Columbus]—­to be at the-Court at this time, and talk of our affairs with these Lords and with the Secretary.

“Done in Seville, November 21.

“Your father who loves you more than himself.


“I wrote again to their Highnesses entreating them to order that these people who went with me should be paid, because they are poor and it is three years since they left their homes.  The news which they bring is more than extraordinary.  They have endured infinite dangers and hardships.  I did not wish to rob the country, so as not to cause scandal, because reason advises its being populated, and then gold will be obtained freely without scandal.  Speak of this to the Secretary and to the Lord Bishop and to Juan Lopez and to whomever you think it advisable to do so.”

The Bishop of Palencia referred to in this letter is probably Bishop Fonseca—­probably, because it is known that he did become Bishop of Palencia, although there is a difference of opinion among historians as to whether the date of his translation to that see was before or after this letter.  No matter, except that one is glad to think that an old enemy—­for Fonseca and Columbus had bitter disagreements over the fitting out of various expeditions—­had shown himself friendly at last.

Letter written by CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS to DON DIEGO, November 28, 1504.

Very dear son,—­I received your letters of the 15th of this month.  It is eight days since I wrote you and sent the letter by a courier.  I enclosed unsealed letters to many other persons, in order that you might see them, and having read them, seal and deliver them.  Although this illness of mine troubles me greatly, I am preparing for my departure in every way.  I would very much like to receive the reply from their Highnesses and wish you might procure it:  and also I wish that their Highnesses would provide for the payment of these poor people, who have passed through incredible hardships and have brought them such great news that infinite thanks should be given to God, our Lord, and they should rejoice greatly over it.  If I [lie ?] the ’Paralipomenon’—­[ The Book of Chronicles]—­and the Book of Kings and the Antiquities of Josephus, with very many others, will tell what they know of this.  I hope in our Lord to depart this coming week, but you must not write less often on that account.  I have not heard from Carbajal and Jeronimo.  If they are there, commend me to them.  The time is such that both Carbajals ought to
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