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Letter written by CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS to DON DIEGO, his Son, January 18, 1505.

Very dear son,—­I wrote you at length by the courier who will arrive there to-day, and sent you a letter for the Lord Chamberlain.  I intended to inclose in it a copy of that chapter of the letter from their Highnesses in which they say they will order you placed in possession; but I forgot to do it here.  Zamora, the courier, came.  I read your letter and also those of your uncle and brother and Carbajal, and felt great pleasure in learning that they had arrived well, as I had been very anxious about them.  Diego Mendez will leave here in three or four days with the order of payment prepared.  He will take a long statement of everything and I will write to Juan Velasquez.  I desire his friendship and service.  I believe that he is a very honourable gentleman.  If the Lord Bishop of Palencia has come, or comes, tell him how much pleased I have been with his prosperity, and that if I go there I must stop with his Worship even if he does not wish it, and that we must return to our first fraternal love.  And that he could not refuse it because my service will force him to have it thus.  I said that the letter for the Holy Father was sent that his Worship might see it if he was there, and also the Lord Archbishop of Seville, as the King might not have opportunity to read it.  I have already told you that the petition to their Highnesses must be for the fulfilment of what they wrote me about the possession and of the rest which was promised me.  I said that this chapter of the letter must be shown them and said that it must not be delayed, and that this is advisable for an infinite number of reasons.  His Highness may believe that, however much he gives me, the increase of his exalted dominions and revenue will be in the proportion of 100 to 1, and that there is no comparison between what has been done and what is to be done.  The sending of a Bishop to Espanola must be delayed until I speak to his Highness.  It must not be as in the other cases when it was thought to mend matters and they were spoiled.  There have been some cold days here and they have caused me great fatigue and fatigue me now.  Commend me to the favour of the Lord Adelantado.  May our Lord guard and bless you and your brother.  Give my regards to Carbajal and Jeronimo.  Diego Mendez will carry a full pouch there.  I believe that the affair of which you wrote can be very easily managed.  The vessels from the Indies have not arrived from Lisbon.  They brought a great deal of gold, and none for me.  So great a mockery was never seen, for I left there 60,000 pesos smelted.  His Highness should not allow so great an affair to be ruined, as is now taking place.  He now sends to the Governor a new provision.  I do not know what it is about.  I expect letters each day.  Be very careful about expenditures, for it is necessary.

     “Done January 18. 
     “Your father who loves you more than himself.

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