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“Is it a good place to make money?”

“I made five hundred dollars.”

“Thats only a little more than a hundred dollars a year.  Frank Dobson has saved as much as that and he’s stayed right here in Burton.”

“I’m glad of that,” said Pettigrew heartily.  “Frank is a rousing good fellow.  If it hadn’t been for him I couldn’t have gone to Montana.”

“It doesn’t seem to have done you much good, as I can see.”

“Oh, well, I am satisfied.  Let me introduce my friend, Mr. Rodney Ropes of New York.”

“Glad to meet you,” said Hector with a jerk of the head.

“Rodney, won’t you sit inside?  I want to sit outide with Hector.”

“All right, Mr. Pettigrew.”

“Who is that boy?” asked Hector with characteristic Yankee curiosity, as he seized the lines and started the horses.

“A rich young fellow from New York.  I got acquainted with him there.”

“Rich is he?” Jefferson Pettigrew nodded.

“How rich do you think?”

“Shouldn’t wonder if he might be worth a hundred thousand.”

“You don’t say!  Why, he beat Squire Sheldon.”

“Oh, yes, Squire Sheldon wouldn’t be considered rich in New York.”

“How did he get his money?”

“His father left him a fortune.”

“Is that so?  I wish my father had left me a fortune.”

“He did, didn’t he?”

“Yes, he did!  When his estate was settled I got seventy five dollars, if you call that a fortune.  But I say, what brings the boy to Burton?”

“His friendship for me, I expect.  Besides he may invest in a place.”

“There’s the old Morse place for sale.  Do you think he’d buy that?”

“It wouldn’t be nice enough for him.  I don’t know any place that would be good enough except the squire’s.”

“The squire wouldn’t sell.”

“Oh, well, I don’t know as Rodney would care to locate in Burton.”

“You’re in luck to get such a friend.  Say, do you think he would lend you a hundred dollars if you were hard up?”

“I know he would.  By the way, Hector, is there any news?  How is my uncle?”

“I think the old man is worrying on account of his mortgage.”

“Who holds it?”

“The squire.  They do say he is goin’ to foreclose.  That’ll be bad for the old man.  It’ll nigh about break his heart I expect.”

“Can’t uncle raise the money to pay him?”

“Who is there round here who has got any money except the squire?”

“That’s so.”

“Where are you goin’ to stop, Jeff?”

“I guess I’ll stop at the tavern tonight, but I’ll go over and call on uncle this evening.”



News spreads fast in a country village.  Scarcely an hour had passed when it was generally known that Jefferson Pettigrew had come home from Montana with a few hundred dollars in money, bringing with him a rich boy who could buy out all Burton.  At least that is the way the report ran.

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