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“I hope you’ll enjoy your trip, sir.”

“Thank you.  Of course it will terminate, for a time at least your engagement to teach Arthur.”

“I shall be sorry for that, sir, but I am not selfish enough to want you to stay at home on that account.”

“I thought you would feel that way.  I wish I could procure you another position before I go, but that is uncertain.  I shall, however, pay you a month’s salary in advance in lieu of a notice.”

“That is very liberal, sir.”

“I think it only just.  I have been very well pleased with your attention to Arthur, and I know he has profited by your instructions as well as enjoyed your companionship.  I hope you have been able to save something.”

“Yes, sir, I have something in the Union Dime Savings Bank.”

“That’s well.  You will remain with me one week longer, but the last week Arthur will need for preparations.”

Two weeks later Rodney stood on the pier and watched the stately Etruria steam out into the river.  Arthur and his father were on deck, and the little boy waved his handkerchief to his tutor as long as he could see him.

Rodney turned away sadly.

“I have lost a good situation,” he soliloquized.  “When shall I get another?”



Rodney set himself to work searching for a new situation.  But wherever he called he found Some one ahead of him.  At length he saw an advertisement for an entry clerk in a wholesale house in Church Street.  He applied and had the good fortune to please the superintendent.

“Where have you worked before?” he asked.

“At Otis Goodnow’s, on Reade Street.”

“How much were you paid there?”

“Seven dollars a week.”

“Very well, we will start you on that salary, and see if you earn it.”

Rodney was surprised and relieved to find that he was not asked for a recommendation from Mr. Goodnow, knowing that he could not obtain one.  He went to work on a Monday morning, and found his duties congenial and satisfactory.

Seven dollars a week was small, compared with what he had received as a tutor, but he had about two hundred and fifty dollars in the Union Dime Savings Bank and drew three dollars from this fund every week in order that he might still assist Mike, whose earnings were small.

One of his new acquaintances in the store was James Hicks, a boy about a year older than himself.

“Didn’t you use to work at Otis Goodnow’s?” asked James one day when they were going to lunch.


“I know a boy employed there.  He is older than either of us.”

“Who is it?”

“Jasper Redwood.  Of course you know him.”

“Yes,” answered Rodney with a presentiment of evil.

He felt that it would be dangerous to have Jasper know of his present position, but did not venture to give a hint of this to James.

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