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Dear sir—­Will you be kind enough to send my trunk by express to No. 312 Bleecker Street?  I have taken a room there, and that will be my home for the present.  I have obtained a position in a wholesale house on Reade Street, and hope I may give satisfaction.  Will you remember me with best wishes to all the boys?  I don’t expect to have so easy or pleasant a time as I had at school, but I hope to get on, and some time—­perhaps in the summer—­to make you a short visit.

Yours truly, Rodney Ropes.


The first day at work.

A little before half past nine Rodney paused in front of a large five story building on Reade Street occupied by Otis Goodnow.

He entered and found the first floor occupied by quite a large number of clerks and salesmen, and well filled with goods.

“Well, young fellow, what can I do for you?” asked a dapper looking clerk.

“I would like to see Mr. Goodnow.”

“He’s reading his letters.  He won’t see you.”

Rodney was provoked.

“Do you decide who is to see him?” he asked.

“You’re impudent, young feller.”

“Am I?  Perhaps you will allow Mr. Goodnow to see me, as long as he told me to call here this morning.”

“That’s a different thing,” returned the other in a different tone.  “If you’re sure about that you can go to the office in the back part of the room.”

Rodney followed directions and found himself at the entrance of a room which had been partitioned off for the use of the head of the firm.

Mr. Goodnow was seated at a desk with his back to him, and was employed in opening letters.  Without turning round he said, “Sit down and I will attend to you in a few minutes.”

Rodney seated himself on a chair near the door.  In about ten minutes Mr. Goodnow turned around.

“Who is it?” he asked.

“Perhaps you remember telling me to call at half past nine.  You saw me at the Newsboys’ Lodging House.”

“Ah, yes, I remember.  I promised my friend Mulgrave that I would give you a place.  What can you do?  Are you a good writer?”

“Shall I give you a specimen of my handwriting?”

“Yes; sit down at that desk.”

It was a desk adjoining his own.

Rodney seated himself and wrote in a firm, clear, neat hand: 

“I will endeavor to give satisfaction, if you are kind enough to give me a place in your establishment.”

Then he passed over the paper to the merchant.

“Ah, very good!” said Mr. Goodnow approvingly.  “You won’t be expected to do any writing yet but I like to take into my store those who are qualified for promotion.”

He rang a little bell on his desk.

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