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Jeanne-Louise-Henriette Campan
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ENFANS de France......  The royal children.
Madame & mesdames.....  Sisters or daughters of the King, or Princesses
near the Throne (sometimes used also for the wife of Monsieur, the eldest
brother of the King, the Princesses Adelaide, Victoire, Sophie, Louise,
daughters of Louis XV., and aunts of Louis XVI.)
Madame Elisabeth......  The Princesse Elisabeth, sister of Louis XVI.
Madame Royale.........  The Princesse Marie Therese, daughter of Louis
XVI., afterwards Duchesse d’Angouleme.
Mademoiselle..........  The daughter of Monsieur, the brother of the King.


Allowed her candles and as much firewood as she wanted
Better to die than to implicate anybody
Duc d’Orleans, when called on to give his vote for death of King
Formed rather to endure calamity with patience than to contend
How can I have any regret when I partake your misfortunes
Louis Philippe, the usurper of the inheritance of her family
My father fortunately found a library which amused him
No one is more dangerous than a man clothed with recent authority
Rabble, always ready to insult genius, virtue, and misfortune
So many crimes perpetrated under that name (liberty)
Subjecting the vanquished to be tried by the conquerors

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