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For my own part I felt a strange sense of relief in the matter.  I had accepted Mr. Trelawny’s reasoning that if the Queen were indeed such as we surmised—­such as indeed we now took for granted—­there would not be any opposition on her part; for we were carrying out her own wishes to the very last.  So far I was at ease—­far more at ease than earlier in the day I should have thought possible; but there were other sources of trouble which I could not blot out from my mind.  Chief amongst them was Margaret’s strange condition.  If it was indeed that she had in her own person a dual existence, what might happen when the two existences became one?  Again, and again, and again I turned this matter over in my mind, till I could have shrieked out in nervous anxiety.  It was no consolation to me to remember that Margaret was herself satisfied, and her father acquiescent.  Love is, after all, a selfish thing; and it throws a black shadow on anything between which and the light it stands.  I seemed to hear the hands go round the dial of the clock; I saw darkness turn to gloom, and gloom to grey, and grey to light without pause or hindrance to the succession of my miserable feelings.  At last, when it was decently possible without the fear of disturbing others, I got up.  I crept along the passage to find if all was well with the others; for we had arranged that the door of each of our rooms should be left slightly open so that any sound of disturbance would be easily and distinctly heard.

One and all slept; I could hear the regular breathing of each, and my heart rejoiced that this miserable night of anxiety was safely passed.  As I knelt in my own room in a burst of thankful prayer, I knew in the depths of my own heart the measure of my fear.  I found my way out of the house, and went down to the water by the long stairway cut in the rock.  A swim in the cool bright sea braced my nerves and made me my old self again.

As I came back to the top of the steps I could see the bright sunlight, rising from behind me, turning the rocks across the bay to glittering gold.  And yet I felt somehow disturbed.  It was all too bright; as it sometimes is before the coming of a storm.  As I paused to watch it, I felt a soft hand on my shoulder; and, turning, found Margaret close to me; Margaret as bright and radiant as the morning glory of the sun!  It was my own Margaret this time!  My old Margaret, without alloy of any other; and I felt that, at least, this last and fatal day was well begun.

But alas! the joy did not last.  When we got back to the house from a stroll around the cliffs, the same old routine of yesterday was resumed:  gloom and anxiety, hope, high spirits, deep depression, and apathetic aloofness.

But it was to be a day of work; and we all braced ourselves to it with an energy which wrought its own salvation.

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