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of them prove to be what we expect, why, then we may yet achieve a knowledge beyond what our age has ever known—­beyond what is believed today possible for the children of men.  If indeed this resurrection can be accomplished, how can we doubt the old knowledge, the old magic, the old belief!  And if this be so, we must take it that the ‘Ka’ of this great and learned Queen has won secrets of more than mortal worth from her surroundings amongst the stars.  This woman in her life voluntarily went down living to the grave, and came back again, as we learn from the records in her tomb; she chose to die her mortal death whilst young, so that at her resurrection in another age, beyond a trance of countless magnitude, she might emerge from her tomb in all the fulness and splendour of her youth and power.  Already we have evidence that though her body slept in patience through those many centuries, her intelligence never passed away, that her resolution never flagged, that her will remained supreme; and, most important of all, that her memory was unimpaired.  Oh, what possibilities are there in the coming of such a being into our midst!  One whose history began before the concrete teaching of our Bible; whose experiences were antecedent to the formulation of the Gods of Greece; who can link together the Old and the New, Earth and Heaven, and yield to the known worlds of thought and physical existence the mystery of the Unknown—­of the Old World in its youth, and of Worlds beyond our ken!”

He paused, almost overcome.  Margaret had taken his hand when he spoke of her being so dear to him, and held it hard.  As he spoke she continued to hold it.  But there came over her face that change which I had so often seen of late; that mysterious veiling of her own personality which gave me the subtle sense of separation from her.  In his impassioned vehemence her father did not notice; but when he stopped she seemed all at once to be herself again.  In her glorious eyes came the added brightness of unshed tears; and with a gesture of passionate love and admiration, she stooped and kissed her father’s hand.  Then, turning to me, she too spoke: 

“Malcolm, you have spoken of the deaths that came from the poor Queen; or rather that justly came from meddling with her arrangements and thwarting her purpose.  Do you not think that, in putting it as you have done, you have been unjust?  Who would not have done just as she did?  Remember she was fighting for her life!  Ay, and for more than her life!  For life, and love, and all the glorious possibilities of that dim future in the unknown world of the North which had such enchanting hopes for her!  Do you not think that she, with all the learning of her time, and with all the great and resistless force of her mighty nature, had hopes of spreading in a wider way the lofty aspirations of her soul!  That she hoped to bring to the conquering of unknown worlds, and using to the advantage of her

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