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Esaias Tegnér
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Then stepped Halfdan in,
Across the copper threshold, and with doubtful look
He stood aloof from him he feared and silence kept. 
Then Fridthjof loosed the breastplate-hater from his side,
Against the altar placed his shield’s bright golden orb,
And weaponless approached his silent waiting foe. 
“In such a strife,” said Fridthjof, in a kindly voice,
“The noblest he who offers first his hand for peace.” 
King Halfdan blushed, then off he drew his glove of steel,
And hands long separated met in friendly clasp,—­
A hearty hand-shake, steadfast as the mountain’s base. 
And then the aged priest revoked the ban which on
The outlawed temple-violater long had lain. 
’Twas scarce dissolved ere entered [Ingeborg, attired
In bridal robes and ermine mantle, with her maids,—­
So glides the moon, whom stars attend, in heaven’s vault;
With tear-drops in her lovely eyes, she fell upon
Her brother’s neck; but he, with deep emotion, laid
His sister, grown more dear, on Fridthjof’s faithful breast;
And o’er the altar of the god she gave her hand
To him, her childhood’s early friend, her heart’s beloved.


For such explanations as are not found in the original notes we are chiefly indebted to Prof.  R. B. Anderson, of the University of Wisconsin, and to his valuable work, Norse mythology.  We are also under obligations to Mrs. E. Hasselqvist, of the Augustana College of Rock Island, Illinois.

AEGER.  The god of the stormy sea.  AEGER’S bosom.  The sea.  Alfheim (elf-home).  Frig’s dwelling.  Angantyr.  A champion who was slain in a duel hy Hjalmar the vigilant, and was buried with his sword Tirfing.  His daughter Hervar called upon her dead father for the sword, and, according to the story, was answered.  See Canto XXIII.  Angervadil (grief-wader).  Fridthjof’s sword.  Asa.  God.  It is used as a prefix, as Asa-Thor, Asa-Loke. etcasa-sons.  A people who came from Asia and. settled the North, and who claimed descent from the gods.  Asgard.  Home of the gods.  Ask.  The first man.  ASTHILD.  Cupid.  Balder (the best).  The mildest, the wisest and the most eloquent of the gods.  He is the god of innocence, the White God.  “Balder dies in nature when the woods are stripped of their foliage, when the flowers fade and the storms of winter howl.  Balder dies in the spiritual world when the good are led away from the paths of virtue, when the soul becomes dark and gloomy, forgetting its heavenly origin.  Balder returns in nature when the gentle winds of spring stir the air, when the nightingale’s high note is heard in the heavens, and the flowers are unlocked to paint the laughing soil, when light takes the place of gloom and darkness.  Balder returns in the spiritual world when the lost soul finds itself again, throws off tho mantle of darkness,

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