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Gilbert Parker
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He raised his head to listen.  Pride, vision and power were in his eyes.

“It’s all before us still, Jasmine,” he said again.

Her fingers tightened on his.




Alfalfa Lucerne.

Biltong Strips of dried meat.

DISSELBOOM The single shaft of an ox-wagon.

Donga A gulley or deep fissure in the soil.

Dopper A dissenter from the Dutch Reformed Church, but generally applied to Dutchmen in South Africa.

Dorp Settlement or town.

Karoo The highlands of the interior of South Africa.

Kopje A rounded hillock.

KLOOF A gap or pass in mountains.

Kraal Native hut; also a walled inclosure for cattle.

KRANZES Rocky precipices.

Meerkat A species of ichneumon.

Rooinek Literally, “red-neck”; term applied to British soldiers by the

SCHANSES Intrenchments (or fissures on hills).

Sjambok A stick or whip made from hippopotamus or rhinoceros hide.

Spruit A small stream.

STOEP Veranda of a Dutch house.

Taal South African Dutch.

Trek To move from place to place with belongings.

Veld An open grassy plain.

VELDSCHOEN Rough untanned leather shoes.


Vierkleur The national flag (four colours) of the late South African

Voortrekker Pioneer.


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