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 1.  A street in Anglebury—­A heath near it—­inside the ‘red Lion’ inn
 2.  Christopher’s house—­Sandbourne town—­Sandbourne moor
 3.  Sandbourne moor (continued)
 4.  Sandbourne pier—­road to Wyndway—­ballroom in Wyndway house
 5.  At the window—­the road home
 6.  The shore by Wyndway
 7.  The dining-room of A town house—­the butler’s pantry
 8.  Christopher’s lodgings—­the grounds about Rookington
 9.  A lady’s drawing-rooms—­Ethelberta’s dressing-room
10.  Lady Petherwin’s house
11.  Sandbourne and its neighbourhood—­some London streets
12.  Arrowthorne park and lodge
13.  The lodge (continued)—­the copse behind
14.  A turnpike road
15.  An inner room at the lodge
16.  A large public hall
17.  Ethelberta’s house
18.  Near Sandbourne—­London streets—­Ethelberta’s
19.  Ethelberta’s drawing-room
20.  The neighbourhood of the hall—­the road home
21.  A street—­Neigh’s rooms—­Christopher’s rooms
22.  Ethelberta’s house
23.  Ethelberta’s house (continued)
24.  Ethelberta’s house (continued)—­the British museum
25.  The Royal Academy—­the Farnfield estate
26.  Ethelberta’s drawing-room
27.  Mrs. Belmaine’s—­Cripplegate church
28.  Ethelberta’s—­Mr. Chickerel’s room
29.  Ethelberta’s dressing-room—­Mr. Doncastle’s house
30.  On the housetop
31.  Knollsea—­A lofty down—­A ruined castle
32.  A room in Enckworth court
33.  The English channel—­Normandy
34.  The hotel Beau Sejour, and spots near it
35.  The hotel (continued), and the quay in front
36.  The house in town
37.  Knollsea—­an ornamental villa
38.  Enckworth court
39.  Knollsea—­Melchester
40.  Melchester (continued)
41.  Workshops—­an inn—­the street
42.  The Doncastles’ residence, and outside the same
43.  The railway—­the sea—­the shore beyond
44.  Sandbourne—­A lonely heath—­the ’red Lion’—­the highway 45.  Knollsea—­the road thence—­Enckworth 46.  Enckworth (continued)—­the Anglebury highway
47.  Enckworth and its precincts—­Melchester
sequel.  Anglebury—­Enckworth—­Sandbourne

1.  A street in Anglebury—­A heath near it—­inside the ‘red Lion’ inn

Young Mrs. Petherwin stepped from the door of an old and well-appointed inn in a Wessex town to take a country walk.  By her look and carriage she appeared to belong to that gentle order of society which has no worldly sorrow except when its jewellery gets stolen; but, as a fact not generally known, her claim to distinction was rather one of brains than of blood.  She was the daughter of a gentleman who lived in a large house not his own, and began life as a baby christened Ethelberta after an infant of title who does not come into the story at all, having merely furnished Ethelberta’s

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