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When I had done reading, Jonathan took me in his arms and kissed me.  The others kept shaking me by both hands, and Dr. Van Helsing said, “Our dear Madam Mina is once more our teacher.  Her eyes have been where we were blinded.  Now we are on the track once again, and this time we may succeed.  Our enemy is at his most helpless.  And if we can come on him by day, on the water, our task will be over.  He has a start, but he is powerless to hasten, as he may not leave this box lest those who carry him may suspect.  For them to suspect would be to prompt them to throw him in the stream where he perish.  This he knows, and will not.  Now men, to our Council of War, for here and now, we must plan what each and all shall do.”

“I shall get a steam launch and follow him,” said Lord Godalming.

“And I, horses to follow on the bank lest by chance he land,” said Mr. Morris.

“Good!” said the Professor, “both good.  But neither must go alone.  There must be force to overcome force if need be.  The Slovak is strong and rough, and he carries rude arms.”  All the men smiled, for amongst them they carried a small arsenal.

Said Mr. Morris, “I have brought some Winchesters.  They are pretty handy in a crowd, and there may be wolves.  The Count, if you remember, took some other precautions.  He made some requisitions on others that Mrs. Harker could not quite hear or understand.  We must be ready at all points.”

Dr. Seward said, “I think I had better go with Quincey.  We have been accustomed to hunt together, and we two, well armed, will be a match for whatever may come along.  You must not be alone, Art.  It may be necessary to fight the Slovaks, and a chance thrust, for I don’t suppose these fellows carry guns, would undo all our plans.  There must be no chances, this time.  We shall not rest until the Count’s head and body have been separated, and we are sure that he cannot reincarnate.”

He looked at Jonathan as he spoke, and Jonathan looked at me.  I could see that the poor dear was torn about in his mind.  Of course he wanted to be with me.  But then the boat service would, most likely, be the one which would destroy the . . . the . . .  Vampire. (Why did I hesitate to write the word?)

He was silent awhile, and during his silence Dr. Van Helsing spoke, “Friend Jonathan, this is to you for twice reasons.  First, because you are young and brave and can fight, and all energies may be needed at the last.  And again that it is your right to destroy him.  That, which has wrought such woe to you and yours.  Be not afraid for Madam Mina.  She will be my care, if I may.  I am old.  My legs are not so quick to run as once.  And I am not used to ride so long or to pursue as need be, or to fight with lethal weapons.  But I can be of other service.  I can fight in other way.  And I can die, if need be, as

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