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“Wonderful woman!” murmured the Professor.

“Can’t we get a special?” asked Lord Godalming.

Van Helsing shook his head, “I fear not.  This land is very different from yours or mine.  Even if we did have a special, it would probably not arrive as soon as our regular train.  Moreover, we have something to prepare.  We must think.  Now let us organize.  You, friend Arthur, go to the train and get the tickets and arrange that all be ready for us to go in the morning.  Do you, friend Jonathan, go to the agent of the ship and get from him letters to the agent in Galatz, with authority to make a search of the ship just as it was here.  Quincey Morris, you see the Vice Consul, and get his aid with his fellow in Galatz and all he can do to make our way smooth, so that no times be lost when over the Danube.  John will stay with Madam Mina and me, and we shall consult.  For so if time be long you may be delayed.  And it will not matter when the sun set, since I am here with Madam to make report.”

“And I,” said Mrs. Harker brightly, and more like her old self than she had been for many a long day, “shall try to be of use in all ways, and shall think and write for you as I used to do.  Something is shifting from me in some strange way, and I feel freer than I have been of late!”

The three younger men looked happier at the moment as they seemed to realize the significance of her words.  But Van Helsing and I, turning to each other, met each a grave and troubled glance.  We said nothing at the time, however.

When the three men had gone out to their tasks Van Helsing asked Mrs. Harker to look up the copy of the diaries and find him the part of Harker’s journal at the Castle.  She went away to get it.

When the door was shut upon her he said to me, “We mean the same!  Speak out!”

“Here is some change.  It is a hope that makes me sick, for it may deceive us.”

“Quite so.  Do you know why I asked her to get the manuscript?”

“No!” said I, “unless it was to get an opportunity of seeing me alone.”

“You are in part right, friend John, but only in part.  I want to tell you something.  And oh, my friend, I am taking a great, a terrible, risk.  But I believe it is right.  In the moment when Madam Mina said those words that arrest both our understanding, an inspiration came to me.  In the trance of three days ago the Count sent her his spirit to read her mind.  Or more like he took her to see him in his earth box in the ship with water rushing, just as it go free at rise and set of sun.  He learn then that we are here, for she have more to tell in her open life with eyes to see ears to hear than he, shut as he is, in his coffin box.  Now he make his most effort to escape us.  At present he want her not.

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