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16 October.—­Mina’s report still the same.  Lapping waves and rushing water, darkness and favouring winds.  We are evidently in good time, and when we hear of the Czarina Catherine we shall be ready.  As she must pass the Dardanelles we are sure to have some report.

17 October.—­Everything is pretty well fixed now, I think, to welcome the Count on his return from his tour.  Godalming told the shippers that he fancied that the box sent aboard might contain something stolen from a friend of his, and got a half consent that he might open it at his own risk.  The owner gave him a paper telling the Captain to give him every facility in doing whatever he chose on board the ship, and also a similar authorization to his agent at Varna.  We have seen the agent, who was much impressed with Godalming’s kindly manner to him, and we are all satisfied that whatever he can do to aid our wishes will be done.

We have already arranged what to do in case we get the box open.  If the Count is there, Van Helsing and Seward will cut off his head at once and drive a stake through his heart.  Morris and Godalming and I shall prevent interference, even if we have to use the arms which we shall have ready.  The Professor says that if we can so treat the Count’s body, it will soon after fall into dust.  In such case there would be no evidence against us, in case any suspicion of murder were aroused.  But even if it were not, we should stand or fall by our act, and perhaps some day this very script may be evidence to come between some of us and a rope.  For myself, I should take the chance only too thankfully if it were to come.  We mean to leave no stone unturned to carry out our intent.  We have arranged with certain officials that the instant the Czarina Catherine is seen, we are to be informed by a special messenger.

24 October.—­A whole week of waiting.  Daily telegrams to Godalming, but only the same story.  “Not yet reported.”  Mina’s morning and evening hypnotic answer is unvaried.  Lapping waves, rushing water, and creaking masts.


“Czarina Catherine reported this morning from Dardanelles.”


25 October.—­How I miss my phonograph!  To write a diary with a pen is irksome to me!  But Van Helsing says I must.  We were all wild with excitement yesterday when Godalming got his telegram from Lloyd’s.  I know now what men feel in battle when the call to action is heard.  Mrs. Harker, alone of our party, did not show any signs of emotion.  After all, it is not strange that she did not, for we took special care not to let her know anything about it, and we all tried not to show any excitement when we were in her presence.  In old days she would, I am sure, have noticed, no

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