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Whom I irk let him fly fro’ me fast and faster, viii. 315. 
Whoso ne’er tasted of Love’s sweets and bitter-draught, iv. 237. 
Whoso shall see the death-day of his foe, ii. 41. 
Whoso two dirhams hath, his lips have learnt, iv. 171. 
Why dost thou weep when I depart and thou didst parting claim, v.
Why not incline me to that show of silky down, iv. 258. 
Why then waste I my time in grief, until, i. 256. 
Will Fate with joy of union ever bless our sight, v. 128. 
Wilt thou be just to others in thy love and do, iv. 264. 
Wilt turn thy face from heart that’s all shine own, v. 278. 
Wilt tyrant play with truest friend who thinks of thee each hour,
iii. 269. 
Wine cup and ruby wine high worship claim, x. 41. 
With all my soul I’ll ransom him who came to me in gloom, vii.
With Allah take I refuge from whatever driveth me, iv. 254. 
With fire they boiled me to loose my tongue, i. 132. 
With heavy back parts, high breasts delicate, ii. 98. 
With thee that pear agree, whose hue amorn, viii. 270. 
With you is my heart-cure a heart that goes, viii. 78. 
Wither thy right, O smith, which made her bear, viii. 246. 
Within my heart is fire, vii. 127. 
Witnesses unto love of thee I’ve four viii. 106. 
Woe’s me! why should the blamer gar thee blaming bow? ii. 305. 
Women are Satans made for woe o’ man iii. 318. 
Women for all the chastity they claim, iii. 216. 
Women Satans are, made for woe of man, ix. 282. 
Would he come to my bed during sleep ’twere delight, vii. 111. 
Would Heaven I knew (but many are the shifts of joy and woe), v.
Would Heaven I saw at this hour, iii. 134. 
Would Heaven I wot, will ever Time bring our beloveds back again?
viii. 320. 
Would Heaven the phantom spared the friend at night, v. 348. 
Would I wot for what crime shot and pierced are we, viii. 238. 
Would they the lover seek without ado, viii. 281. 
Wrong not thy neighbour even if thou have power, iii. 136. 
Ye are the wish, the aim of me, i. 98. 
Ye promised us and will ye not keep plight? iii. 282. 
Yea, Allah hath joined the parted twain, ix. 205. 
Yea, I will laud thee while the ringdove moans, viii. 100. 
Yellowness, tincturing her tho’ nowise sick or sorry, iv. 259. 
Yestre’en my love with slaughter menaced me, iii. 27. 
You are my wish, of creatures brightest light, viii. 76. 
You have honoured us visiting this our land, ii. 34. 
You’ve roused my desire and remain at rest, viii. 101. 
You’re far, yet to my heart you’re nearest near, viii. 111. 
Your faring on the parting day drew many a tear fro’ me, viii.

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Alphabetical Table of First Lines
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