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Three Apples, The, i. 
Three unfortunate Lovers, v. 
Three Wishes, or the Man who longed to see the Night of Power,
The, vi. 
Tortoise, The Waterfowl and the, iii. 
Tortoises, The Heathcock and the, ix. 
Trader (The) and the Jinni, i. 
Trick (The Lover’s ) against the chaste wife, vi. 
Trick (The Wife’s ) against her husband, vi. 
Two Kings, The, ix. 
Two Pigeons, The, vi. 
Umaymah, Al-Mutalammis and his wife, v. 
Unfortunate Lovers, The Three, v. 
Unjust King and the Pilgrim Prince, The, ix. 
Uns al-Wujud and the Wazir’s Daughter Rose-in-Hood, v. 
Upper Egypt (The man of) and his Frank wife, ix. 
Walid bin Sahl, Yunus the Scribe and the Caliph, vii. 
Wardan, the Butcher, Adventure with the Lady and the Bear, iv. 
Water-carrier and the Goldsmith’s Wife, The, v. 
Waterfowl and the Tortoise, The, iii. 
Wazir and the Sage Duban, The, i. 
Wazir, Al-Malik al-Nasir and his, vii. 
Wazir of al-Yaman and his young brother, The, v. 
Wazir’s Son and the Hammam-Keeper’s Wife, The, vi. 
Wazir’s Wife, The King and his, vi. 
Weasel, The Mouse and the, iii. 
Weaver, The Foolish, iii. 
Wife, The Badawi and his, vii. 
Wife, (the Chaste) The Lover’s Trick against, vi. 
Wife, The King and his Wazir’s, vi. 
Wife, The Man and his Wilful, ix. 
Wife, (The Merchant’s) and the Parrot, i. 
Wife, (The Virtuous) and the King, v. 
Wife’s device to cheat her husband, The, vi. 
Wife’s trick against her husband, The, v. 
Wild Ass, The Jackal and the, ix. 
Wilful Wife, The Man and his, ix. 
Wind, The Spider and the, ix. 
Wird Khan (King) and his Women and Wazirs, ix. 
Wolf and the Fox, The, iii. 
Wolf, The Foxes and the, ix. 
Woman (The shipwrecked) and her child, v. 
Woman’s trick against her husband, v. 
Woman who made her husband sift dust, The, iv. 
Woman whose hands were cut off for Almsgiving, The, iv. 
Women, The Malice of, vi. 
Women, The Two, v. 
Yahya bin Khalid and the Forger, iv. 
Yahya bin Khalid and Mansur, iv. 
Yahya bin Khalid and the Poor Man, v. 
Yaman (The Man of Al-) and his six slave-girls, iv. 
Yaman (The Wazir of Al-) and his young brother, v. 
Yunus the Scribe and the Caliph Walid bin Sahl, vii. 
Zau al-Makan, The History of King Omar bin al-Nu’uman and his
Sons Sharrkan and, ii. 
Zayn al-Mawasif, Masrur and, viii. 
Zaynab the Coney-catcher, The Rogueries of Dalilah the Wily, and
her Daughter, vii.. 
Zubaydah in the Bath, Harun al-Rashid and, v. 
Zumurrud, Ali Shar and, iv.

Index II

Alphabetical Table of the Notes
(Anthropological, &c.)

Prepared by F. Steingass, Ph.D.

[Index ii is not included]

Index III.-A

Alphabetical Table of First Lines
(Metrical Portion) in English.

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