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There is such fascination in danger, that Adrienne shared, in spite of herself, the feeling of painful curiosity, mixed with terror, that thrilled through all the spectators.  Leaning forward like the marchioness, and gazing upon this scene of fearful interest, the lady still held mechanically in her hand the Indian bouquet preserved since the morning.  Suddenly, Morok raised a wild shout, as he rushed towards Death, who answered this exclamation by a dreadful roar, and threw herself upon her master with so much fury, that Adrienne, in alarm, believing the man lost, drew herself back, and covered her fact with her hands.  Her flowers slipped from her grasp, and, falling upon the stage, rolled into the cavern in which Morok was struggling with the panther.

Quick as lightning, supple and agile as a tiger, yielding to the intoxication of his love, and to the wild ardor excited in him by the roaring of the panther, Djalma sprang at one bound upon the stage, drew his dagger, and rushed into the cavern to recover Adrienne’s nosegay.  At that instant, Morok, being wounded, uttered a dreadful cry for help; the panther, rendered still more furious at sight of Djalma, make the most desperate efforts to break her chain.  Unable to succeed in doing so, she rose upon her hind legs, in order to seize Djalma, then within reach of her sharp claws.  It was only by bending down his head, throwing himself on his knees, and twice plunging his dagger into her belly with the rapidity of lightning, that Djalma escaped certain death.  The panther gave a howl, and fell with her whole weight upon the prince.  For a second, during which lasted her terrible agony, nothing was seen but a confused and convulsive mass of black limbs, and white garments stained with blood—­and then Djalma rose, pale, bleeding, for he was wounded—­and standing erect, his eye flashing with savage pride, his foot on the body of the panther, he held in his hand Adrienne’s bouquet, and cast towards her a glance which told the intensity of his love.  Then only did Adrienne feel her strength fail her—­for only superhuman courage had enabled her to watch all the terrible incidents of the struggle.


By Eugene Sue


XV.  The Constant Wanderer
XVI.  The Luncheon
XVII.  Rendering the Account
XVIII.  The Square of Notre Dame
XIX.  The Cholera Masquerade
XX.  The Defiance
XXI.  Brandy to the Rescue
XXII.  Memories
XXIII.  The Poisoner
XXIV.  In the Cathedral
XXV.  The Murderers
XXVI.  The Patient
XXVII.  The Lure
XXVIII.  Good News
XXIX.  The Operation
XXX.  The Torture
XXXI.  Vice and Virtue
XXXII.  Suicide


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