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[22] According to the tradition, it was predicted to the mother of Sixtus V., that he would be pope; and, in his youth, he is said to have kept swine.


An unexpected visit.

Though Rodin had experienced much surprise on reading the second letter from Rome, he did not choose that his answer should betray any such amazement.  Having finished his frugal breakfast, he took a sheet of paper, and rapidly wrote in cipher the following note, in the short, abrupt style that was natural to him when not obliged to restrain himself: 

“The information does not surprise me.  I had foreseen it all.  Indecision and cowardice always bear such fruit.  This is not enough.  Heretical Russia murders Catholic Poland.  Rome blesses the murderers, and curses the victims.[23]

“Let it pass.

“In return, Russia guarantees to Rome, by Austria, the bloody suppression of the patriots of Romagna.

“That, too, is well.

“The cut-throat band of good Cardinal Albani is not sufficient for the massacre of the impious liberals.  They are weary of the task.

“Not so well.  They must go on.”

When Rodin had written these last words, his attention was suddenly attracted by the clear and sonorous voice of Rose-Pompon, who, knowing her Beranger by heart, had opened Philemon’s window, and, seated on the sill, sang with much grace and prettiness this verse of the immortal song-writer: 

   “How wrong you are!  Is’t you dare say
   That heaven ever scowls on earth? 
   The earth that laughs up to its blue,
   The earth that owes it joy and birth? 
   Oh, may the wine from vines it warms,
   May holy love thence fluttering down,
   Lend my philosophy their charms,
   To drive away care’s direful frown! 
   So, firm let’s stand,
   Full glass in hand,
   And all evoke
   The God of honest folk!”

This song, in its divine gentleness, contrasted so strangely with the cold cruelty of the few lines written by Rodin, that he started and bit his lips with rage, as he recognized the words of the great poet, truly Christian, who had dealt such rude blows to the false Church.  Rodin waited for some moments with angry impatience, thinking the voice would continue; but Rose-Pompon was silent, or only continued to hum, and soon changed to another air, that of the Good Pope, which she entoned, but without words.  Rodin, not venturing to look out of his window to see who was this troublesome warbler, shrugged his shoulders, resumed his pen, and continued: 

“To it again.  We must exasperate the independent spirits in all countries—­excite philosophic rage all over Europe make liberalism foam at the mouth—­raise all that is wild and noisy against Rome.  To effect this, we must proclaim in the face of the world these three propositions. 1.  It is abominable to assert that a man may be saved in any faith whatever, provided his morals be pure. 2.  It is odious and absurd to grant liberty of conscience to the people. 3.  The liberty of the press cannot be held in too much horror.24

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