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This combination of facts showed that, faithful to the threats she had uttered to Rodin, when she had unmasked the double perfidy of the reverend father, Mdlle. de Cardoville was actively engaged in uniting the scattered members of her family, to form a league against those dangerous enemies, whose detestable projects, once unveiled and boldly encountered, could hardly have a chance of success.  The reader will now understand the tremendous effect of this note on Father d’Aigrigny and Rodin—­on Rodin, stretched powerless on a bed of pain at the moment when the scaffolding, raised with so much labor, seemed to be tumbling around him.


The operation.

We have given up the attempt to paint the countenance, attitude, and gesticulation of Rodin during the reading of this note, which seemed to ruin all his most cherished hopes.  Everything was failing at once, at the moment when only superhuman trust in the success of his plans could give him sufficient energy to strive against mortal sickness.  A single, absorbing thought had agitated him even to delirium:  What progress, during his illness, had been made in this immense affair?  He had first heard a good piece of news, the death of Jacques Rennepont; but now the advantages of this decease, which reduced the number of the heirs from seven to six, were entirely lost.  To what purpose would be this death, if the other members of the family, dispersed and persecuted with such infernal perseverance, were to unite and discover the enemies who had so long aimed at them in darkness?  If all those wounded hearts were to console, enlighten, support each other, their cause would be gained, and the inheritance rescued from the reverend fathers.  What was to be done?

Strange power of the human will!—­Rodin had one foot in the grave, he was almost at the last gasp; his voice had failed him.  And yet that obstinate nature, so full of energy and resources, did not despair.  Let but a miracle restore his health, and that firm confidence in the success of his projects which has given him power to struggle against disease, tells him that he could yet save all—­but then he must have health and life!  Health! life!  His physician does not know if he will survive the shock—­if he can bear the pain—­of a terrible operation.  Health! life! and just now Rodin heard talk of the solemn funeral they had prepared for him.  And yet—­health, life, he will have them.  Yes; he has willed to live—­and he has lived—­why should he not live longer?  He will live—­because he has willed it.

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