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Mdlle. de Cardoville had truly remarked a complete transfiguration in the countenance of Rodin.  This man, lately so harsh, severe, inflexible, with regard to Dr. Baleinier, appeared now under the influence of the mildest and most tender sentiments.  His little, half-veiled eyes were fixed upon Adrienne with an expression of ineffable interest.  Then, as if he wished to tear himself from these impressions, he said, speaking to himself, “Come, come, no weakness.  Time is too precious; my mission is not fulfilled.  My dear young lady,” added he, addressing himself to Adrienne, “believe what I say—­we will talk hereafter of gratitude—­but we have now to talk of the present so important for you and your family.  Do you know what is taking place?”

Adrienne looked at the Jesuit with surprise, and said, “What is taking place, sir?”

“Do you know the real motive of your imprisonment in this house?  Do you know what influenced the Princess de Saint-Dizier and Abbe d’Aigrigny?”

At the sound of those detested names, Mdlle. de Cardoville’s face, now so full of happiness, became suddenly sad, and she answered with bitterness, “It is hatred, sir, that no doubt animated Madame de Saint-Dizier against me.”

“Yes, hatred; and, moreover, the desire to rob you with impunity of an immense fortune.”

“Me, sir! how?”

“You must be ignorant, my dear young lady, of the interest you had to be in the Rue Saint-Francois on the 13th February, for an inheritance?”

“I was ignorant, sir, of the date and details:  but I knew by some family papers, and thanks to an extraordinary circumstance, that one of our ancestors—­”

“Had left an enormous sum to be divided between his descendants; is it not so?”

“Yes, sir.”

“But what unfortunately you did not know, my dear young lady, was that the heirs were all bound to be present at a certain hour on the 13th February.  This day and hour once past, the absent would forfeit their claim.  Do you now understand why you have been imprisoned here, my dear young lady?”

“Yes, yes; I understand it,” cried Mdlle. de Cardoville; “cupidity was added to the hatred which my aunt felt for me.  All is explained.  Marshal Simon’s daughters, having the same right as I had have, like me, been imprisoned.”

“And yet,” cried Rodin, “you and they were not the only victims.”

“Who, then, are the others, sir?”

“A young East Indian.”

“Prince Djalma?” said Adrienne, hastily.

“For the same reason he has been nearly poisoned with a narcotic.”

“Great God!” cried the young girl, clasping her hands in horror.  “It is fearful.  That young prince, who was said to have so noble and generous a character!  But I had sent to Cardoville Castle—­”

“A confidential person, to fetch the prince to Paris—­I know it, my dear young lady; but, by means of a trick, your friend was got out of the way, and the young Oriental delivered to his enemies.”

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