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XL.  The East Indian in Paris
XLI.  Rising
XLII.  Doubts
XLIII.  The Letter
XLIV.  Adrienne and Djalma
XLV.  The Consultation
XLVI.  Mother Bunch’s Diary
XLVII.  The Diary Continued
XLVIII.  The Discovery
XLIX.  The Trysting-Place of the Wolves
L. The Common Dwelling-House
LI.  The Secret
LII.  Revelations

Book VIII.

Part Third.—­The Redemption.

I. The Wandering Jew’s Chastisement
II.  The Descendants of the Wandering Jew
III.  The Attack
IV.  The Wolves and the Devourers
V. The Return
VI.  The Go-Between
VII.  Another Secret
VIII.  The Confession
IX.  Love
X. The Execution
XI.  The Champs-Elysees
XII.  Behind the Scenes
XIII.  Up with the Curtain
XIV.  Death

Book IX.

XV.  The Constant Wanderer
XVI.  The Luncheon
XVII.  Rendering the Account
XVIII.  The Square of Notre Dame
XIX.  The Cholera Masquerade
XX.  The Defiance
XXI.  Brandy to the Rescue
XXII.  Memories
XXIII.  The Poisoner
XXIV.  In the Cathedral
XXV.  The Murderers
XXVI.  The Patient
XXVII.  The Lure
XXVIII.  Good News
XXIX.  The Operation
XXX.  The Torture
XXXI.  Vice and Virtue
XXXII.  Suicide

Book X.

XXXIII.  Confessions
XXXIV.  More Confessions
XXXV.  The Rivals
XXXVI.  The Interview
XXXVII.  Soothing Words
XXXVIII.  The Two Carriages
XXXIX.  The Appointment
XL.  Anxiety
XLI.  Adrienne and Djalma
XLII.  “The Imitation”
XLIII.  Prayer
XLIV.  Remembrances
XLV.  The Blockhead
XLVI.  The Anonymous Letters
XLVII.  The Golden City
XLVIII.  The Stung Lion
XLIX.  The Test

Book XI.

L. The Ruins of the Abbey of St. John the Baptist
LI.  The Calvary
LII.  The Council
LIII.  Happiness
LIV.  Duty
LV.  The Improvised Hospital
LVI.  Hydrophobia
LVII.  The Guardian Angel
LVIII.  Ruin
LIX.  Memories
LX.  The Ordeal
LXI.  Ambition
LXII.  To a Socius, a Socius and a Half
LXIII.  Faringhea’s Affection
LXIV.  An Evening at St. Colombe’s
LXV.  The Nuptial Bed
LXVI.  A Duel to the Death
LXVII.  A Message
LXVIII.  The First of June


I. Four Years After
II.  The Redemption

The Wandering Jew.

First Part.—­The Transgression.


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