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Larry. [Whispering] Pray for us!  Bravo!  Pray away!

     [Suddenly the girl stretches out her arms and lifts her face
     with a look of ecstasy.]


Wanda.  She is smiling!  We shall be happy soon.

Larry. [Bending down over her] Poor child!  When we die, Wanda, let’s go together.  We should keep each other warm out in the dark.

Wanda. [Raising her hands to his face] Yes! oh, yes!  If you die I could not—­I could not go on living!




     WANDA’S room.  Daylight is just beginning to fail of a January
     afternoon.  The table is laid for supper, with decanters of

     Wanda is standing at the window looking out at the wintry trees
     of the Square beyond the pavement.  A newspaper Boy’s voice is
     heard coming nearer.

Voice.  Pyper!  Glove Lyne murder!  Trial and verdict! [Receding] Verdict!  Pyper!

     Wanda throws up the window as if to call to him, checks herself,
     closes it and runs to the door.  She opens it, but recoils into
     the room.  Keith is standing there.  He comes in.

Keith.  Where’s Larry?

Wanda.  He went to the trial.  I could not keep him from it.  The trial—­Oh! what has happened, sir?

Keith. [Savagely] Guilty!  Sentence of death!  Fools!—­idiots!

Wanda.  Of death! [For a moment she seems about to swoon.]

Keith.  Girl! girl!  It may all depend on you.  Larry’s still living here?

Wanda.  Yes.

Keith.  I must wait for him.

Wanda.  Will you sit down, please?

Keith. [Shaking his head] Are you ready to go away at any time?

Wanda.  Yes, yes; always I am ready.

Keith.  And he?

Wanda.  Yes—­but now!  What will he do?  That poor man!

Keith.  A graveyard thief—­a ghoul!

Wanda.  Perhaps he was hungry.  I have been hungry:  you do things then that you would not.  Larry has thought of him in prison so much all these weeks.  Oh! what shall we do now?

Keith.  Listen!  Help me.  Don’t let Larry out of your sight.  I must see how things go.  They’ll never hang this wretch. [He grips her arms] Now, we must stop Larry from giving himself up.  He’s fool enough.  D’you understand?

Wanda.  Yes.  But why has he not come in?  Oh!  If he have, already!

Keith. [Letting go her arms] My God!  If the police come—­find me here—­[He moves to the door] No, he wouldn’t without seeing you first.  He’s sure to come.  Watch him like a lynx.  Don’t let him go without you.

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