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the Qualities of Bodies Permanent

1) Consequences from the Qualities of the Starres

a) Consequences from the Light of the Starres.  Out of
this, and the Motion of the Sunne, is made the
Science of


b) Consequences from the Influence of the Starres,


2) Consequences of the Qualities from Liquid Bodies that
fill the space between the Starres; such as are the
Ayre, or substance aetherial.

3) Consequences from Qualities of Bodies Terrestrial

a) Consequences from parts of the Earth that are
without Sense,

1] Consequences from Qualities of Minerals, as
Stones, Metals, &c
2] Consequences from the Qualities of Vegetables

b) Consequences from Qualities of Animals

1] Consequences from Qualities of Animals in

a] Consequences from Vision,


b] Consequences from Sounds,


c] Consequences from the rest of the senses

2] Consequences from Qualities of Men in Speciall

a] Consequences from Passions of Men,


b] Consequences from Speech,

i) In Magnifying, Vilifying, etc.


ii) In Persuading,


iii) In Reasoning,


iv) In Contracting,

The Science of
just and unjust

B. Consequences from the Accidents of Politique Bodies; which is
called Politiques, and civill philosophy

1.  Of Consequences from the Institution of common-wealths, to
the Rights, and Duties of the Body Politique, or Soveraign.

2.  Of Consequences from the same, to the Duty and Right of
the Subjects.



Power The power of a Man, (to take it Universally,) is his present means, to obtain some future apparent Good.  And is either Originall, or Instrumentall.

Naturall Power, is the eminence of the Faculties of Body, or Mind:  as extraordinary Strength, Forme, Prudence, Arts, Eloquence, Liberality, Nobility.  Instrumentall are those Powers, which acquired by these, or by fortune, are means and Instruments to acquire more:  as Riches, Reputation, Friends, and the Secret working of God, which men call Good Luck.  For the nature of Power, is in this point, like to Fame, increasing as it proceeds; or like the motion of heavy bodies, which the further they go, make still the more hast.

The Greatest of humane Powers, is that which is compounded of the Powers of most men, united by consent, in one person, Naturall, or civill, that has the use of all their Powers depending on his will; such as is the Power of a Common-wealth:  or depending on the wills of each particular; such as is the Power of a Faction, or of divers factions leagued.  Therefore to have servants, is Power; To have Friends, is Power:  for they are strengths united.

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