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Ye Queene.—­O’ God’s name, who hath favored us?  Hath it come to pass yt a fart shall fart itself?  Not such a one as this, I trow.  Young Master Beaumont—­but no; ’twould have wafted him to heaven like down of goose’s boddy.  ’Twas not ye little Lady Helen—­nay, ne’er blush, my child; thoul’t tickle thy tender maidenhedde with many a mousie-squeak before thou learnest to blow a harricane like this.  Wasn’t you, my learned and ingenious Jonson?

Jonson.—­So fell a blast hath ne’er mine ears saluted, nor yet a stench so all-pervading and immortal.  ’Twas not a novice did it, good your maisty, but one of veteran experience—­else hadde he failed of confidence.  In sooth it was not I.

Ye Queene.—­My lord Bacon?

Lord Bacon.-Not from my leane entrailes hath this prodigy burst forth, so please your grace.  Naught doth so befit ye grete as grete performance; and haply shall ye finde yt ’tis not from mediocrity this miracle hath issued.

[Tho’ ye subjoct be but a fart, yet will this tedious sink of learning pondrously phillosophize.  Meantime did the foul and deadly stink pervade all places to that degree, yt never smelt I ye like, yet dare I not to leave ye presence, albeit I was like to suffocate.]

Ye Queene.—­What saith ye worshipful Master Shaxpur?

Shaxpur.—­In the great hand of God I stand and so proclaim mine innocence.  Though ye sinless hosts of heaven had foretold ye coming of this most desolating breath, proclaiming it a work of uninspired man, its quaking thunders, its firmament-clogging rottenness his own achievement in due course of nature, yet had not I believed it; but had said the pit itself hath furnished forth the stink, and heaven’s artillery hath shook the globe in admiration of it.

[Then was there a silence, and each did turn him toward the worshipful Sr Walter Ralegh, that browned, embattled, bloody swashbuckler, who rising up did smile, and simpering say,]

Sr W.—­Most gracious maisty, ’twas I that did it, but indeed it was so poor and frail a note, compared with such as I am wont to furnish, yt in sooth I was ashamed to call the weakling mine in so august a presence.  It was nothing—­less than nothing, madam—­I did it but to clear my nether throat; but had I come prepared, then had I delivered something worthy.  Bear with me, please your grace, till I can make amends.

[Then delivered he himself of such a godless and rock-shivering blast that all were fain to stop their ears, and following it did come so dense and foul a stink that that which went before did seem a poor and trifling thing beside it.  Then saith he, feigning that he blushed and was confused, I perceive that I am weak to-day, and cannot justice do unto my powers; and sat him down as who should say, There, it is not much yet he that hath an arse to spare, let him fellow that, an’ he think he can.  By God, an’ I were ye queene, I would e’en tip this swaggering braggart out o’ the court, and let him air his grandeurs and break his intolerable wind before ye deaf and such as suffocation pleaseth.]

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