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Rudolf Erich Raspe
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going to be executed on a gibbet.  I found the distance too great to throw the shell with my hand, but most fortunately recollecting that I had the very sling in my pocket which assisted David in slaying Goliath, I placed the shell in it, and immediately threw it in the midst of them:  it burst as it fell, and destroyed all present, except the two culprits, who were saved by being suspended so high, for they were just turned off:  however, one of the pieces of the shell fled with such force against the foot of the gibbet, that it immediately brought it down.  Our two friends no sooner felt terra firma than they looked about for the cause; and finding their guards, executioner, and all, had taken it in their heads to die first, they directly extricated each other from their disgraceful cords, and then ran down to the sea-shore, seized a Spanish boat with two men in it, and made them row to one of our ships, which they did with great safety, and in a few minutes after, when I was relating to General Elliot how I had acted, they both took us by the hand, and after mutual congratulations we retired to spend the day with festivity.


An interesting account of the Baron’s ancestors—­A quarrel relative to the spot where Noah built his ark—­The history of the sling, and its properties—­A favourite poet introduced upon no very reputable occasion—­queen Elizabeth’s abstinence—­The Baron’s father crosses from England to Holland upon a marine horse, which he sells for seven hundred ducats.

You wish (I can see by your countenances) I would inform you how I became possessed of such a treasure as the sling just mentioned. (Here facts must be held sacred.) Thus then it was:  I am a descendant of the wife of Uriah, whom we all know David was intimate with; she had several children by his majesty; they quarrelled once upon a matter of the first consequence, viz., the spot where Noah’s ark was built, and where it rested after the flood.  A separation consequently ensued.  She had often heard him speak of this sling as his most valuable treasure:  this she stole the night they parted; it was missed before she got out of his dominions, and she was pursued by no less than six of the king’s body-guards:  however, by using it herself she hit the first of them (for one was more active in the pursuit than the rest) where David did Goliath, and killed him on the spot.  His companions were so alarmed at his fall that they retired, and left Uriah’s wife to pursue her journey.  She took with her, I should have informed you before, her favourite son by this connection, to whom she bequeathed the sling; and thus it has, without interruption, descended from father to son till it came into my possession.  One of its possessors, my great-great-great-grandfather, who lived about two hundred and fifty years ago, was upon a visit to England, and became intimate with a poet who was a

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