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“Athalbrand is a man without shame,” he said.  “Steinar is a viper whom I have nursed in my breast, a viper that has bitten the hand which saved him from death; aye, you men of Agger, you have a viper for your lord.  Iduna is a light-of-love upon whom all honest women should spit, who has broken her oath and sold herself for Steinar’s wealth and rule.  I swear by Thor that, with your help, my friends and neighbours, I will be avenged upon all three of these.  But for such vengeance preparations must be made, since Athalbrand and Steinar are strong.  Moreover, they lie in an island, and can only be attacked by sea.  Further, there is no haste, since the mischief is done, and by now Steinar the Snake and Iduna the Light-of-love will have drunk their marriage-cup.  Come, eat, my friends, and not too sadly, seeing that if my house has suffered shame, it has escaped worse shame, that of welcoming a false woman as a bride of one of us.  Doubtless, when his bitterness is past, Olaf, my son, will find a better wife.”

So they sat down and ate the marriage feast.  Only the seats of the bride and bridegroom were empty, for I could not take part in that feast, but went alone to my sleeping-place and drew the curtains.  My mother also was so overcome that she departed to her own chamber.  Alone I sat upon my bed and listened to the sounds of that marriage feast, which more resembled such a one as is given at funerals.  When it was finished I heard my father and Ragnar and the head men and chiefs of the company take counsel together, after which all departed to their homes.

So soon as they were gone Freydisa came to me, bringing food and drink.

“I am a shamed man, Freydisa,” I said, “and can no longer stay in this land where I have been made one for children to mock at.”

“It is not you who are shamed,” answered Freydisa hotly.  “It is Steinar and that——­,” and she used a harsh word of Iduna.  “Oh!  I saw it coming, and yet I dared not warn you.  I feared lest I might be wrong and put doubts into your heart against your foster-brother and your wife without cause.  May Odin destroy them both!”

“Speak not so roughly, Freydisa,” I said.  “Ragnar was right about Iduna.  Her beauty never blinded him as it did me, and he read her truly.  Well, she did but follow her nature; and as for Steinar, she fooled him as she has the power to do by any man, save Ragnar.  Doubtless he will repent bitterly ere all is done.  Also I think that necklace from the grave is an evil magic.”

“It is like you, Olaf, to find excuse even for sin that cannot be forgiven.  Not but what I hold with you that Steinar has been led away against his will, for I read it in his face.  Well, his life must pay the price of it, for surely he shall bleed on Odin’s altar.  Now, be a man.  Come out and face your trouble.  You are not the first that a woman has fooled, nor will you be the last.  Forget love and dream of vengeance.”

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