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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 227 pages of information about The Lady of the Lake.

[FN#10] “This story is still current in the moors of Staffordshire, and adapted by the peasantry to their own meridian.  I have repeatedly heard it told, exactly as here, by rustics who could not read.  My last authority was a nailer near Cheadle” (R.  Jamieson).

[FN#11] See Scottish Historical and Romantic Ballads, Glasgow, 1808, vol. ii. p. 117.

[FN#12] A champion of popular romance; see Ellis’s Romances, vol. iii.

[FN#13] “That at the eastern extremity of Loch Katrine, so often mentioned in the text.”

[FN#14] “Beallach an duine.”

[FN#15] “The reader will find this story told at greater length, and with the addition in particular of the King being recognized, like the Fitz-James of the Lady of the Lake, by being the only person covered, in the First Series of Tales of a Grandfather, vol. iii, p. 37.  The heir of Braehead discharged his duty at the banquet given to King George iv. in the Parliament House at Edinburgh, in 1822” (Lockhart).

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