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I am blue and cross and homesick [she wrote].  I suppose what makes me feel the latter is because we are contemplating to stay in London another month.  There has not one sheet of Mr. Clemens’s proof come yet, and if he goes home before the book is published here he will lose his copyright.  And then his friends feel that it will be better for him to lecture in London before his book is published, not only that it will give him a larger but a more enviable reputation.  I would not hesitate one moment if it were simply for the money that his copyright will bring him, but if his reputation will be better for his staying and lecturing, of course he ought to stay....  The truth is, I can’t bear the thought of postponing going home.

It is rather gratifying to find Olivia Clemens human, like that, now and then.  Otherwise, on general testimony, one might well be tempted to regard her as altogether of another race and kind.



Clemens concluded to hasten the homeward journey, but to lecture a few nights in London before starting.  He would then accompany his little family home, and return at once to continue the lecture series and protect his copyright.  This plan was carried out.  In a communication to the Standard, October 7th, he said: 

Sir,—­In view of the prevailing frenzy concerning the Sandwich Islands, and the inflamed desire of the public to acquire information concerning them, I have thought it well to tarry yet another week in England and deliver a lecture upon this absorbing subject.  And lest it should be thought unbecoming in me, a stranger, to come to the public rescue at such a time, instead of leaving to abler hands a matter of so much moment, I desire to explain that I do it with the best motives and the most honorable intentions.  I do it because I am convinced that no one can allay this unwholesome excitement as effectually as I can, and to allay it, and allay it as quickly as possible, is surely one thing that is absolutely necessary at this juncture.  I feel and know that I am equal to this task, for I can allay any kind of an excitement by lecturing upon it.  I have saved many communities in this way.  I have always been able to paralyze the public interest in any topic that I chose to take hold of and elucidate with all my strength.
Hoping that this explanation will show that if I am seeming to
intrude I am at least doing it from a high impulse, I am, sir, your
obedient servant,

                                          mark twain.

A day later the following announcement appeared: 

Queen’sconcert rooms,
Hanover square.

Mr. George Dolby begs to announce that

Mr. Mark twain

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