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The journey back to the city lasted two hours; we were alone in my vis-a-vis and we overtaxed nature, exacting more than it can possibly give.  As we were getting near Rome we were compelled to let the curtain fall before the denouement of the drama which we had performed to the complete satisfaction of the actors.

I returned home rather fatigued, but the sound sleep which was so natural at my age restored my full vigour, and in the morning I took my French lesson at the usual hour.


Benedict XIV—­Excursion to Tivoli—­Departure of Lucrezia—­The Marchioness G.—­Barbara Dalacqua—­My Misfortunes—­I Leave Rome

M. Dalacqua being very ill, his daughter Barbara gave me my lesson.  When it was over, she seized an opportunity of slipping a letter into my pocket, and immediately disappeared, so that I had no chance of refusing.  The letter was addressed to me, and expressed feelings of the warmest gratitude.  She only desired me to inform her lover that her father had spoken to her again, and that most likely he would engage a new servant as soon as he had recovered from his illness, and she concluded her letter by assuring me that she never would implicate me in this business.

Her father was compelled to keep his bed for a fortnight, and Barbara continued to give me my lesson every day.  I felt for her an interest which, from me towards a young and pretty girl, was, indeed, quite a new sentiment.  It was a feeling of pity, and I was proud of being able to help and comfort her.  Her eyes never rested upon mine, her hand never met mine, I never saw in her toilet the slightest wish to please me.  She was very pretty, and I knew she had a tender, loving nature; but nothing interfered with the respect and the regard which I was bound in honour and in good faith to feel towards her, and I was proud to remark that she never thought me capable of taking advantage of her weakness or of her position.

When the father had recovered he dismissed his servant and engaged another.  Barbara entreated me to inform her friend of the circumstance, and likewise of her hope to gain the new servant to their interests, at least sufficiently to secure the possibility of carrying on some correspondence.  I promised to do so, and as a mark of her gratitude she took my hand to carry it to her lips, but quickly withdrawing it I tried to kiss her; she turned her face away, blushing deeply.  I was much pleased with her modesty.

Barbara having succeeded in gaining the new servant over, I had nothing more to do with the intrigue, and I was very glad of it, for I knew my interference might have brought evil on my own head.  Unfortunately, it was already too late.

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