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Then in a splendid procession, surrounded by princes, councillors, ladies, priests, and guards, Amenmeses and the Royal Wife, Urnure, a large woman who walked awkwardly, entered the hall, a glittering band.  The high-priest, Roi, and the chancellor, Nehesi, received Pharaoh and led him to his throne.  The multitude prostrated itself, trumpets blew and thrice the old salute of “Life!  Blood!  Strength!  Pharaoh!  Pharaoh!  Pharaoh!” was cried aloud.

Amenmeses rose and bowed, and I saw that his heavy face was troubled and looked older.  Then he swore some oath to gods and men which Roi dictated to him, and before all the company put on the double crown and the other emblems, and took in his hands the scourge and golden sickle.  Next homage was paid.  The Princess Userti came first and kissed Pharaoh’s hand, but bent no knee.  Indeed first she spoke with him a while.  We could not hear what was said, but afterwards learned that she demanded that he should publicly repeat all the promises which her father Meneptah had made to her before him, confirming her in her place and rights.  This in the end he did, though it seemed to me unwillingly enough.

So with many forms and ancient celebrations the ceremony went on, till all grew weary waiting for that time when Pharaoh should make his speech to the people.  That speech, however, was never made, for presently, thrusting past us, I saw those two prophets of the Israelites who had visited Meneptah in this same hall.  Men shrank from them, so that they walked straight up to the throne, nor did even the guards strive to bar their way.  What they said there I could not hear, but I believe that they demanded that their people should be allowed to go to worship their god in their own fashion, and that Amenmeses refused as Meneptah had done.

Then one of them cast down a rod and it turned to a snake which hissed at Pharaoh, whereon the Kherheb Ki and his company also cast down rods that turned to snakes, though I could only hear the hissing.  After this a great gloom fell upon the hall, so that men could not see each other’s faces and everyone began to call aloud till the company broke up in confusion.  Bakenkhonsu and I were borne together to the doorway by the pressure of the people, whence we were glad enough to see the sky again.

Thus ended the crowning of Amenmeses.



That night there were none who rejoiced in the streets of the city, and save in the palace and houses of those of the Court, none who feasted.  I walked abroad in the market-place and noted the people going to and fro gloomily, or talking together in whispers.  Presently a man whose face was hidden in a hood began to speak with me, saying that he had a message for my master, the Prince Seti.  I answered that I took no messages from veiled strangers, whereon he threw back his hood, and I saw that it was Jabez, the uncle of Merapi.  I asked him whether he had obeyed the Prince, and borne the body of that prophet back to Goshen and told the elders of the manner of the man’s death.

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