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36 To the dwellers at Kuba.  Verses 108-111 were probably promulged on the return from Tabouk previous to the entry into Medina.

37 Abu Amir.

38 Or, never stand thou in it (to pray).

39 The mosque of Kuba, about three miles S.S.E. of Medina.  The spot where this verse was revealed is still pointed out, and called “Makam el Ayat,” or “the place of signs.”  Burton’s “Pilgrimage,” ii. p. 214.Muhammad laid the first brick, and it was the first place of public prayer in El Islam.  Ib. p. 209.

40 The Beni Ganim.

41 That is, up to the time of their death they will never reflect on what they have done without bitter pangs of conscience.  See Weil’s M. der Prophet, pp. 268, 269, and note.

42 Lit. limits, i.e. laws.

43 Shall have their recompense.

44 See verse 101.

45 Lit. turned aside, swerved.

46 Three Ansars who did not accompany Muhammad to Tabouk, and who on his return were put under interdict, and not released from it till after fifty days of penance.

47 Verses 120-128 probably belong to the period after the return from Tabouk to Medina.

48 While fighting for the cause of God.


Medina.-120 Verses

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

O believers! be faithful to your engagements.  You are allowed the flesh of cattle other than what is hereinafter recited, except game, which is not allowed you while ye are on pilgrimage.  Verily, God ordaineth what he pleaseth.

O Believers! violate neither the rites of God, nor the sacred month Muharram, nor the offering, nor its ornaments1, nor those who press on to the sacred house seeking favour from their Lord and his good pleasure in them.

But when all is over2, then take to the chase:  and let not ill will at those3 who would have kept you from the sacred mosque lead you to transgress4, but rather be helpful to one another according to goodness and piety, but be not helpful for evil and malice:  and fear ye God.  Verily, God is severe in punishing!

That which dieth of itself, and blood, and swine’s flesh, and all that hath been sacrificed under the invocation of any other name than that of God, and the strangled, and the killed by a blow, or by a fall, or by goring5, and that which hath been eaten by beasts of prey, unless ye make it clean by giving the death-stroke yourselves, and that which hath been sacrificed on the blocks of stone6, is forbidden you:  and to make division of the slain by consulting the arrows,7 is impiety in you.  Woe this day on those who forsake your religion!  And fear them not, but fear Me.

This day have I perfected your religion for you, and have filled up the measure of my favours upon you:  and it is my pleasure that Islam be your religion; but whoso without wilful leanings to wrong shall be forced by hunger to transgress, to him,verily, will God be Indulgent, Merciful.

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