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17 This verse was intended to relieve the scruples of the Muslims, who. following the superstitious customs of the Arabs, thought that they ought not to admit the blind, etc. to their tables, to eat alone, or in a house of which they were entrusted with the key, etc.

18 Lit. make not the calling of the Apostle among you, like the calling of some of you to others, i.e., address him by some respectful and honourable title.  Thus in the Talmud, “It is forbidden to a disciple to call his Rabbi by name even when he is not in his presence;” and again:  “Neither is he to salute his Rabbi, nor to return his salutation, in the same way that salutations are given and returned among friends.”  “Whoever despises the wise men hath no portion in the world to come.”  See Hilchoth Torah, c.5.


Medina.-22 Verses

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

God hath heard the words of her1 who pleaded with thee against her husband, and made her plaint to God; and God hath heard your mutual intercourse:  for God Heareth, Beholdeth.

As to those of you who put away their wives by saying, “Be thou to me as my mother’s back” their mothers2 they are not; they only are their mothers who gave them birth! they certainly say a blameworthy thing and an untruth: 

But truly, God is Forgiving, Indulgent.

And those who thus put away their wives, and afterwards would recall their words, must free a captive before they can come together again.  To this are ye warned to conform:  and God is aware of what ye do.

And he who findeth not a captive to set free, shall fast two months in succession before they two come together.  And he who shall not be able to do so, shall feed sixty poor men.  This, that he may believe in God and His Apostle.  These are the statutes of God:  and for the unbelievers is an afflictive chastisement!

Truly they who oppose God and His Apostle shall be brought low, as those who were before them were brought low.  And now have we sent down demonstrative signs:  and, for the Infidels is a shameful chastisement.

On the day when God shall raise them all to life, and shall tell them of their doings.  God hath taken count of them, though they have forgotten them! and God is witness over all things.

Dost thou not see that God knoweth all that is in the Heavens and all that is in the Earth?  Three persons speak not privately together, but He is their fourth; nor five, but He is their sixth; nor fewer nor more, but wherever they be He is with them.  Then on the day of resurrection He will tell them of their deeds:  for God knoweth all things.

Hast thou not marked those who have been forbidden secret talk, and return to what they have been forbidden, and talk privately together with wickedness, and hate, and disobedience towards the Apostle?  And when they come to thee, they greet thee not as God greeteth thee:3 and they say among themselves, “Why doth not God punish us for what we say?” Hell shall be their meed:4 they shall be burned at its fire:  and a wretched passage thither!

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