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But those who feared their Lord shall be driven on by troops to Paradise, until when they reach it, its gates shall be opened, and its keepers shall say to them, “All hail! virtuous have ye been:  enter then in, to abide herein for ever.”

And they shall say, “Praise be to God, who hath made good to us His promise, and hath given to us the earth as our heritage, that we may dwell in Paradise wherever we please!” And goodly is the reward of those who travailed virtuously.

And thou shalt see the Angels circling around the Throne with praises of their Lord:  and judgment shall be pronounced between them with equity:  and it shall be said, “Glory be to God the Lord of the Worlds.”


1 Lit. the sending down, or revelation, of the Book is, etc.

2 Lit. in truth, i.e. for a serious and earnest purpose, and not as mere pastime.

3 That is, camels, oxen, sheep and goats.

4 The wording of this verse would seem to indicate a period when Muhammad was meditating flight from Mecca.  Comp. [lxxxi.] xxix. 56.

5 See on the word Mathani, Sura xv. 87, p. 116.  Or, by rhyming couplets.

6 The word associates contains an implied allusion to the deities associated with God, and who distract the idolaters in their worship.

7 In the fem. gender in the Ar.  This passage was revealed shortly after the circumstances mentioned, liii. 20, n. p. 70.

8 See Sura [lxxxix.] vi. 60.

9 That is, none may intercede with Him but those whom He permits to do so.

10 Lit.  It was only given to me on account of knowledge.  Mar.  Deus sciebat me esse dignum eo.  Thus Sale.

11 By becoming apostates from Islam.  Comp.  Sura [lxxiii.] xvi. 108.  This and the two following verses are said to have originated at Medina.  His 230, Wah.  Omar ben Muhammad.  Beidh.  Itq. 19.

12 Lit. they have not esteemed God according to the truth of His estimation.

13 Adventum diei hujus.  Mar.


Mecca-69 Verses

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

ELIF.  LamMim.1 Think men that when they say, “We believe,” they shall be let alone and not be put to proof?

We put to proof those who lived before them; for God will surely take knowledge of those who are sincere, and will surely take knowledge of the liars.

Think they who work evil that they shall escape Us?  Ill do they judge.

To him who hopeth to meet God, the set time of God will surely come.  The Hearer, the Knower, He!

Whoso maketh efforts for the faith, maketh them for his own good only.  Verily God is rich enough to dispense with all creatures.

And as to those who shall have believed and done the things that are right, their evil deeds will we surely blot out from them, and according to their best actions will we surely reward them.

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