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8 Lit. as a Hanyf.  See note on the preceding Sura, 121, p. 209.

9 Peculiar to and distinctive of themselves.  Muhammad had a just appreciation of that narrowness of mind which is the characteristic of sectarians in every age, who seize upon some one point of truth, through inability to grasp the whole in its due proportions and bearing, and glory in it, as if the fragment were the whole.

10 Comp.  Ps. xv. 5.

11 Lit. which none can put back from God.


Mecca.-123 Verses

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

ELIF.  LamRa.1 A book whose verses are stablished in wisdom and then set forth with clearness from the Wise, the All-informed-

That ye worship none other than God-Verily I come to you from Him charged with warnings, announcements;

And that ye seek pardon of your Lord, and then be turned unto Him!  Goodly enjoyments will He give you to enjoy until a destined time, and His favours will He bestow on every one who deserves his favours.2 But if ye turn away, then verily I fear for you the chastisement of the great day.

Unto God shall ye return, and over all things is he Potent.

Do they not doubly fold up their breasts, that they may hide themselves from

But when they enshroud themselves in their garments, doth He not know alike what they conceal and what they shew?

For He knoweth the very inmost of their breast.

There is no moving thing on earth whose nourishment dependeth not on God; he knoweth its haunts and final resting place:  all is in the clear Book.

And He it is who hath made the Heavens and the Earth in six days:  His throne had stood ere this upon the waters,3 that He might make proof which of you4 would excel in works.

And if thou say, “After death ye shall surely be raised again,” the infidels will certainly exclaim, “This is nothing but pure sorcery.”

And if we defer their chastisement to some definite time, they will exclaim, “What keepeth it back?” What! will it not come upon them on a day when there shall be none to avert it from them?  And that at which they scoffed shall enclose them in on every side.

And if we cause man to taste our mercy, and then deprive him of it, verily, he is despairing, ungrateful.

And if after trouble hath befallen him we cause him to taste our favour, he will surely exclaim, “The evils are passed away from me.”  Verily, he is joyous, boastful.

Except those who endure with patience and do the things that are right:  these doth pardon await and a great reward.

Perhaps thou wilt suppress a part of what hath been revealed to thee, and wilt be distress at heart lest they say, “If a treasure be not sent down to him, or an angel come with him. . . .”  But thou art only a warner, and God hath all things in his charge.

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