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And what they erst called on shall pass away from them, and they shall perceive that there will be no escape for them.

Man ceaseth not to pray for good:  but if evil betide him he despondeth, despairing.

And if we cause him to taste our mercy after affliction hath touched him, he is sure to say, “This is my due:  and I take no thought of the Hour of Resurrection:  and if I be brought back to my Lord, I shall indeed attain with Him my highest good.”  But we will then certainly declare their doings to the Infidels, and cause them to taste a stern punishment.

When we are gracious to man, he withdraweth and turneth him aside:  but when evil toucheth him, he is a man of long prayers.

Say:  What think ye?  If this Book be from God and ye believe it not, who will have gone further astray than he who is at a distance from it?

We will shew them our signs in different countries and among themselves, until it become plain to them that it is the truth.  Is it not enough for thee that thy Lord is witness of all things?

Are they not in doubt as to the meeting with their Lord?  But doth he not encompass all things?


1 In some MSS. this Sura is entitled Adoration.  Thus Beidh.  According to His. 186, comp.  Caussin 1, 375 f., Muhammad’s aim in this Sura was the conversion of a noble Meccan, Utba ben Rabia, to Islam.  The precise year is uncertain.

2 See Sura lxviii. 1, p. 32.

3 Thus SS.  Paul and Barnabas, Acts xiv. 15.

4 Or, never failing.

5 Lit. from before them and from behind them.

6 See Sura [lx.] xxxvi. 64, n.

7 Comp.  Sura [lxxxviii.] xlvi. 12.

8 Lit. the possessor of great good fortune.

9 Comp.  Rev. iv. 8 in the original.

10 Thus Tr.  Taanith (init.).

11 Lit. vanity shall not come to it from before it, or from behind it.

12 We will not receive it.  The literal rendering of the following words is what! foreign and Arabian?

13 Comp.  Sura [lxvii.] xvii. 83, 84.

14 Lit. verily they were in suspicious doubting about it.

15 Lit. for his soul.  See next Sura, v. 14.

16 Lit. to Him is referred.


Mecca.-36 Verses

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

HaMim.1 This Book is sent down2 from God, the Mighty, the Wise!

Assuredly in the Heavens and the Earth are signs for those who believe: 

And in your own creation, and in the beasts which are scattered abroad are signs to the firm in faith: 

And in the succession of night and day, and in the supply which God sendeth down from the Heaven whereby He giveth life to the earth when dead, and in the change of the winds, are signs for a people of discernment.

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