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23 Lit. weakness, languors.

24 “The Jews, envious of Muhammad’s good reception and stay there, told him, by way of counsel, that Syria was the land of the Prophets, and that if he was really a prophet, he ought to go there.”  Sale from Djelal Eddin ap.  Mar.  Geiger, p. 12, quotes a Talmudical saying to the same effect, but without any reference.

25 A work of supererogation, and therefore doubly meritorious.  Thus Tr.  Berachoth, fol. 4.  The word station (mekam) is still used of the nearness to God, attained in spiritual ecstacies, etc.

26 That is, to enter the Grave or Mecca.  Lit. with an entry of truth.

27 The word spirit is probably to be understood of the Angel Gabriel.  Comp. 1 Kings xxii. 21.  Others understand it of the immaterial soul of man.  See note on Sura [xci.] ii. 81.

28 The infidels hearing Muhammad say, Ya Allah!  Ya Rahman! in his prayers, imagined that he was addressing two Deities; hence this passage.  Comp. [lxxiii.] xvi. 52; [lxvi.] xxv. 61.  As this title of God (Rahman) disappears from the later Suras, it has been inferred that Muhammad’s original intention was to have combined it with Allah, but that through fear lest Allah and Arrahman should be supposed to be two Gods, he dropped the latter.-This title was applied to their deities by the Himyarites; and it occurs in Ps. lxxviii. 38, and Ex. xxxiv. 6.  The root is not found in Æthiopic.

29 The Talm.  Tr.  Berachoth, 31, 2, forbids loudness in prayer by the example of Hannah.

30 Lit. magnify Him by magnifying.


Mecca.-95 Verses

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

TaSad.1 These are the signs (verses) of the Koran and of the lucid Book;

Guidance and glad tidings to the believers who observe prayer and pay the stated alms, and believe firmly-do they-in the life to come.

As to those who believe not in the life to come, we have made their own doings fair seeming to them, and they are bewildered therein.

These are they whom the woe of chastisement awaiteth; and in the next life they shall suffer-yes shall they-greatest loss;

But thou hast certainly received the Koran from the Wise, the Knowing.

Bear in mind when Moses said to his family, “I have perceived a fire;

I will bring you tidings from it, or will bring you a blazing brand, that ye may warm you.”

And when he came to it, he was called to, “Blessed, He who is in the fire, and He who is about it; and glory be to God, the Lord of the worlds!

O Moses! verily, I am God, the Mighty, the Wise!

Throw down now thy staff.”  And when he saw that it moved itself as though it were a serpent, he retreated backward and returned not.  “O Moses, fear not; for the Sent Ones fear not in my presence,

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