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‘Tried t’ walk on me.  Took several steps too,’ I said stooping to brush my trousers.

‘Hm! guess he found it ruther bad walkin’ didn’t he?’ my old friend enquired.  ‘Leetle bit rough in spots?’

‘Little bit rough, Uncle Eb — that’s certain.’

‘Better not go hum,’ he said, a great relief in his face.  ’Look ’s if ye’d been chopped down an’ sawed — an’ split — an’ throwed in a pile.  I’ll go an’ bring over some things fer ye.’

I went with my friend, who had suffered less damage, and Uncle
Eb brought me what I needed to look more respectable than I felt

The president, great and good man that he was, forgave us, finally, after many interviews and such wholesome reproof as made us all ashamed of our folly.

In my second year, at college, Hope went away to continue her studies in New York She was to live in the family of John Fuller, a friend of David, who had left Faraway years before and made his fortune there in the big city.  Her going filled my days with a lingering and pervasive sadness.  I saw in it sometimes the shadow of a heavier loss than I dared to contemplate.  She had come home once a week from Ogdensburg and I had always had a letter between times.  She was ambitious and, I fancy, they let her go, so that there should be no danger of any turning aside from the plan of my life, or of hers; for they knew our hearts as well as we knew them and possibly better.

We had the parlour to ourselves the evening before she went away, and I read her a little love tale I had written especially for that occasion.  It gave us some chance to discuss the absorbing and forbidden topic of our lives.

‘He’s too much afraid of her,’ she said, ’he ought to put his arm about her waist in that love scene.’

‘Like that,’ I said, suiting the action to the word.

‘About like that,’ she answered, laughing, ’and then he ought to say something very, very, nice to her before he proposes — something about his having loved her for so long — you know.’

‘And how about her?’ I asked, my arm still about her waist.

‘If she really loves him,’ Hope answered, ’she would put her arms about his neck and lay her head upon his shoulder, so; and then he might say what is in the story.’  She was smiling now as she looked up at me.

‘And kiss her?’

‘And kiss her,’ she whispered; and, let me add, that part of the scene was in nowise neglected.

’And when he says:  “will you wait for me and keep me always in your heart?” what should be her answer,’ I continued.

‘Always!’ she said.

‘Hope, this is our own story,’ I whispered.  ’Does it need any further correction?’

‘It’s too short — that’s all,’ she answered, as our lips met again.

Just then Uncle Eb opened the door, suddenly.

‘Tut tut!’ he said tuning quickly about

‘Come in, Uncle Eb,’ said Hope, ’come right in, we want to see you.

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