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“Dear Father, Mother, God, loving me, help me to know that I am close to Thee.  Help me to remember that things that are unhappy aren’t real things.  Help me to know that everything is good and harmonious, and that the people in this castle are Thy children, even if they do seem to have eyes like fishes.  Help me to love one another, even the giantess, and please show grandpa how to meet error.  Please let Dr. Ballard come to see me soon, because he has kind eyes, and I’m sure he doesn’t know it’s wrong to believe in materia medica.  Please take more care of father and mother than anything, and say ‘Peace be still’ if the wind blows the sea.  I know, dear Father in Heaven, that Thou dost not forget anything, but I say it to make me feel better.  I am Thy little Jewel, and Anna Belle loves Thee, too.  Take us into the everlasting arms of Love while we go to sleep.  Amen.”

Jewel brushed away the tears as she ceased, and with her usual quickness of motion, jumped out of bed to get a handkerchief.  Turning on the electric light, she went to the chair over which hung the dotted dress.  She remembered having slipped a clean handkerchief into its pocket before going to dinner.

In reaching for it her fingers encountered a scrap of paper in the depths of the pocket.  She drew it forth.  It was folded.  She opened it and found it written over in a clear round hand.

“Is my little darling loving every one around her?  People do not always seem lovely at first, but remember that every one is lovable because he is a thought of God.  Those who seem unlovely are always unhappy, too, in their hearts.  We must help them, and the best way to help is to love.  Mother is thinking about her little Jewel, and no seas can divide us.”

A slow smile gladdened the child’s tear-stained face.  She read the message again, then turned out the light for the last time and cuddled down in bed, her warm cheek pressing the scrap of paper in her hand, her breath still catching.

“Mother has spoken to us, Anna Belle,” she whispered, clasping the doll close.  “Wasn’t it just like God to let her!” Then she fell asleep smiling.



Mrs. Forbes was on the porch next morning when Mr. Evringham returned from his canter.

“Fine morning, Mrs. Forbes,” he said, as he gave Essex Maid into Zeke’s hands.

“Very fine.  A regular weather breeder.  It’ll most probably rain to-morrow, and what I wanted to speak to you about, Mr. Evringham, is, that the child hasn’t any rubbers.”

“Indeed?  What else does she need?”

“Well, nothing that I can see.  Her things are all good, and she’s got enough of them.  The trouble is she says she has never worn rubbers and doesn’t want to, and if she gets sick I shall have to take care of her; so I hope, sir, you’ll say that she must have them.”

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