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Eloise tried to look at him, but found it more comfortable to examine the inexpressive gravel path.  “But now you have something to think of besides girls,” she said gently.

“Yes.  Do you know, Eloise, if I had been promised the granting of one wish as I took the cars for Bel-Air, it would have been that I might find you convinced of the truth of Christian Science.”

She looked at him now brightly, gladly.  “It is such a help to me to know that you are in it,” she returned.  Their hands simultaneously went forth and clasped.  “What shall we do about mother?”

He smiled.  “That will all come right,” he returned confidently.

“There are classes, Nat,” she said.  “Have you been through one?”

“Not yet.  Perhaps we could enter together.”

“Do you think so?” she returned eagerly.

He was looking down at her still—­calm, strong.

She started.  “I mustn’t be late to dinner.  Good-by.  Sunday, Nat.”

“Not to-morrow?  I want some golf.”

“Yes, go.  It’s a fine links.  I’m sorry, but I’d better not go there for the present.  Good-by.”

She was gone, so he strolled on and out through the park, and as he went he put two and two together, and suspected the cause of the girl’s objection to golf.



“This is my silk dress, grandpa,” said Jewel, coming out on the piazza Sunday morning.

Mr. Evringham was sitting there reading the paper.  He looked up to behold his granddaughter standing expectantly.

She had on the cherished frock.  Her plump black legs ended in new shoes, the brim of her large hat was wreathed with daisies, snowy ribbons finished her well-brushed braids, while, happiest touch of all, Little Faithful was ticking away on her breast.

“Well, who is this bonnie lassie?” asked Mr. Evringham, viewing her.

“It’s my best one,” said Jewel, smilingly, coming close to him.

“I should hope so.  If you were anything grander I should have to put on smoked glasses to look at you.  Church, eh?” He took the brown pamphlet she carried and examined it.

“Yes.  I wish you were coming.”

“Oh, I have an important engagement at the golf club this morning.”

“Have you?  Well, grandpa, I was thinking you can’t play golf or ride at night, and wouldn’t you take me Wednesday evening?”

“Where to?”


“Heavens, child!  Wednesday evening prayer meeting?” asked the broker in perturbation.

“No.  It’s just lovely reading and singing and interesting stories,” replied Jewel, endeavoring to paint the picture as attractively as possible.

“H’m.  H’m.  Do you suppose Mr. Reeves goes?”

“Why, of course,” replied the child.  “Scientists never stay away.”

“Then should I be considered a Scientist if I went?  I still have some regard for my reputation.”

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