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“I don’t know.”

“How drunk were you?”

“I was not drunk.”

“How much had you drunk?”

“About two bottles of claret—­nothing.”

“You say you didn’t mean to kill him?”

“No-God knows!”

“That’s something.”

What made you choose the arch?”

“It was the first dark place.”

“Did his face look as if he had been strangled?”


“Did it?”


“Very disfigured?”


“Did you look to see if his clothes were marked?”


“Why not?”

“Why not?  My God!  If you had done it!”

“You say he was disfigured.  Would he be recognisable?”

“I don’t know.”

“When she lived with him last—­where was that?”

“I don’t know for certain.  Pimlico, I think.”

“Not Soho?”


“How long has she been at the Soho place?”

“Nearly a year.”

“Always the same rooms?”


“Is there anyone living in that house or street who would be likely to know her as his wife?”

“I don’t think so.”

“What was he?”

“I should think he was a professional ‘bully.’”

“I see.  Spending most of his time abroad, then?”


“Do you know if he was known to the police?”

“I haven’t heard of it.”

“Now, listen, Larry.  When you leave here go straight home, and don’t go out till I come to you, to-morrow morning.  Promise that!”

“I promise.”

“I’ve got a dinner engagement.  I’ll think this out.  Don’t drink.  Don’t talk!  Pull yourself together.”

“Don’t keep me longer than you can help, Keith!”

That white face, those eyes, that shaking hand!  With a twinge of pity in the midst of all the turbulence of his revolt, and fear, and disgust Keith put his hand on his brother’s shoulder, and said: 


And suddenly he thought:  ‘My God!  Courage!  I shall want it all myself!’


Laurence Darrant, leaving his brother’s house in the Adelphi, walked northwards, rapidly, slowly, rapidly again.  For, if there are men who by force of will do one thing only at a time, there are men who from lack of will do now one thing, now another; with equal intensity.  To such natures, to be gripped by the Nemesis which attends the lack of self-control is no reason for being more self-controlled.  Rather does it foster their pet feeling:  “What matter?  To-morrow we die!” The effort of will required to go to Keith had relieved, exhausted and exasperated him.  In accordance with those three feelings was the progress of his walk.  He started from the door with the fixed resolve to go home and stay there quietly till Keith came. 

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