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“See here, Albert,” his friend said breathlessly.  “I got a favour.  I want you to go over to Milla’s—­”

“I’m goin’ to finish pressin’ these trousers,” Albert interrupted.  “Then I’ve got my breakfast to eat.”

“Well, you could do this first,” said Ramsey, hurriedly.  “It wouldn’t hurt you to do me this little favour first.  You just slip over and see Milla for me, if she’s up yet, and if she isn’t, you better wait around there till she is, because I want you to tell her I’m a whole lot better this morning.  Tell her I’m pretty near practick’ly all right again, Albert, and I’ll prob’ly write her a note or something right soon—­or in a week or so, anyhow.  You tell her—­”

“Well, you act pretty funny!” Albert exclaimed, fumbling in the pockets of his coat.  “Why can’t you go on over and tell her yourself?”

“I would,” said Ramsey.  “I’d be perfectly willing to go only I got to get back home to breakfast.”

Albert stared.  “Well, I got to go upstairs and eat my own breakfast in about a minute, haven’t I?  But just as it happens there wouldn’t be any use your goin’ over there, or me, either.”

“Why not?”

“Milla ain’t there,” said Albert, still searching the pockets of his coat.  “When we went by her house last night to tell her about your headache and stomach and all, why, her mother told us Milla’d gone up to Chicago yesterday afternoon with her aunt, and said she left a note for you, and she said if you were sick I better take it and give it to you.  I was goin’ to bring it over to your house after breakfast.”  He found it.  “Here!”

Ramsey thanked him feebly, and departed in a state of partial stupefaction, brought on by a glimpse of the instabilities of life.  He had also, not relief, but a sense of vacancy and loss; for Milla, out of his reach, once more became mysteriously lovely.

Pausing in an alley, he read her note.

Dearie:  Thought I ought to call you up but over the ’phone is just nix for explanations as Mama and Aunt Jess would hear everything and thought I might seem cold to you not saying anything sweet on account of them listening and you would wonder why I was so cold when telling you good-by for a wile maybe weeks.  It is this way Uncle Purv wired Aunt Jess he has just taken in a big touring car on a debt and his vacation starts to-morrow so if they were going to take a trip they better start right way so Aunt Jess invited me.  It is going to be a big trip up around the lakes and I have always wanted to go touring more than anything in the world stopping at hotels and all and Mama said I ought to it would be so splendid for my health as she thinks I am failing some lately.  Now dearie I have to pack and write this in a hurry so you will not be disappointed when you come by for the B. C. to-night.  Do not go get some other girl and take her for I would hate her and nothing in this world make me false for one second to my kiddo boy.  I do not know just when home

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